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25 Ways to Detox Your Life

March 21, 2011

1.    Our resident raw food guru and Integrative Nutrition guest teacher, David Wolfe talks about getting started with detox in this short but super informative video.

2.    Integrative Nutrition guest teacher, Dr. Mark Hyman gives you everything you need to complete a safe, effective, and medically informed detoxification program at home in The Detox Box.

3.    Revamp and detox your current routine with the “Reinvent Yourself 21 Day Detox eProgram” by Find Your Balance Health (Michelle Pfennighaus—an Integrative Nutrition graduate).

4.    John Douillard shows you how the ancient science of Ayurveda provides a healthy daily routine and eating plan that will detoxify your body naturally on his Ayurveda for Detox DVD.

5.    Serious about detoxing your home? Many toxins, especially indoors, are within our control to regulate and mitigate. gives you A Comprehensive Room-by-Room Guide to creating a chemical free home.

6.    Dr. Furhman’s Five-Day Super-Diet Challenge offers the chance to give your body a real cleanse with high-quality foods.

7.    Striving for health, but pressed for time? Check out Pressed Juicery, a juice company with a cult following of celebrities started by an Integrative Nutrition grad. Check out their shippable menu and cleanse programs.

8.    Ready to detox the meat out of your diet? Try Neal Barnard’s 21-Day Vegan Kickstart will get motivated.

9.    Feel like you can’t seem to find your life amongst all of the clutter? Check out this helpful guide to clear your clutter and find your life.

10.    Lemons & Loafers, a fashion and health blog by an Integrative Nutrition grad helps others look and feel great, and also offers guided cleanses through out the year. 

11.    When detoxing your diet, Food really Matters.  The film Food Matters offers a Detox and Rejuvenation Guide e-book that helps to apply the principals in the movie to remove processed, illness causing foods from your diet.

12.    Skin brushing can detox the largest organ of the body. Organic Passion’s “How to detox your skin” is a complete how to for skin brushing for detoxification.

13.    You say Juice, some say Joos. Joos To Your Health! is a juice company started by an Integrative Nutrition grad that helps properly support you through juice cleanses.

14.    Need some ideas to get started on the whole decluttering process? Zen Habits shares its 15 Great Decluttering Tips.

15.    Debunk myths to clear out the space for decluttering! The Happiness Project reveals 11 myths of decluttering to help in your efforts!

16.    The skin is one of our biggest organs so tea drinkers try pairing Yogi Tea’s “Skin Detox” with an easy weekend skin detox from Natural Health Magazine.

17.    Detox the SAD (Standard American Diet) out of your life. Integrative Nutrition grad and author, Alex Jamieson, who also appeared in the film Super Size Me, gives us The great American Detox Diet.

18.    Crazy Sexy detox this spring with wellness warrior Kris Car’s new book Crazy Sexy Diet for the ultimate guide to cleaning up your body and your mind.

19.    To prepare for a successful spring detox, check out this jam-packed foods and shopping list.

20.    Take this quiz to see if you are a Detox Diva and get all the facts even if you’re not quite the Whitney Houston of detoxing yet.














21.    We’ve all heard of detoxing your body, but what about detoxing your day?

22.    Find the right moves to twist and detox yourself into healthy bliss with Yoga Journal’s Go Podcast: Twist and Detox.

23.    The Complete Organic Pregnancy by author Alexandra Zissu gives a top ten list on how to detox your home for babies and kids that goes well beyond the standard advice.

24.    Frank Lipman offers an easy-to-follow checklist of 20 Ways to 'Detox' Your Home.

25.    Make your own. Since cleaning products are full of harmful chemicals, Eco-cycle gives easy recipes for making your own cleaning products.

26.     BONUS: Need to get rid of stuff? Recycle with Freecycle their mission is to build a worldwide gifting movement that reduces waste, saves precious resources & eases the burden on our landfills.