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6 Reasons Why You Can Skip a Shower

November 2, 2010

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Do you shower once a day, twice a day, every other day, or three or four times a week?  Some people shy away from conversations with such “personal” questions. But, a few people interviewed by the New York Times, were quite frank about their frequency, or lack thereof, in the shower.  Alice Feiring, a wine writer in Manhattan, 52, explains, “I don’t like to over-dry my skin,” she said. “It’s a myth that people need a deep cleaning everyday.”

Are daily showers just another American made tradition? Do Europeans really shower less? Regardless of which continent you reside on, consider these reasons why it might be beneficial to skip one… or two…

1. Vanity.  Showering daily dries skin out which encourages early wrinkling.  When the skin’s natural oils are retained, the elasticity is also retained.

 2. Water conservation.  Obviously, the less time you spend under the hose, the more water you save which is ultimately good news for the environment.

3. A slice of lemon will do.  There is a lot of speculation whether antiperspirants containing aluminum could be harmful to your health. Underarm odor can be wiped away with a sliced lemon.

4. The good fight.  Good bacteria not only live in the gut, it resides on the skin too. The epidermis house good germs that produce their own antibodies that fight off the bad bacteria.

5. Healthy skin. Reduce skin flare ups like eczema by reducing time in the shower.  The Times quotes Dr. Gallo “It’s not just removing the lipids and oils on your skin that’s drying it out,” he said. It could be “removing some of the good bacteria that help maintain a healthy balance of skin.”

6. Fashion forward. Ok, so this reason isn’t exactly better for your health, but admit it, we all want to look good.  So, why spend hundreds of dollars a year getting the unkempt look of the uber-cool when you can just skip a couple shampoos?

    Are you willing to skip a shower for healthier skin?