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Move over Miss Piggy, New “Superfood” Muppets Make On-Screen Debut!

December 8, 2010

Four new Muppets are being introduced to the world today courtesy of Sesame Workshop—a non-profit partner of Sesame Street. Say hello to the new characters: a banana, low-fat cheese, a whole wheat bun and a stalk of broccoli! Moving into the sphere of public health, the new Muppets called “Superfoods,” will be debuted in a clip that encourages nutritious snacks, eating breakfast and sharing meals with family.

Sesame Workshop is taking the initiative following reports from the U.S. Department of Agriculture that current economic times are having a harmful impact on how people are eating. A recent Time Magazine article points out that there are 17 million kids in the United States (almost one in four) who are not getting the foods to meet their basic nutritional needs due to economic instability. Shockingly, over half of those are under the age of six.

Sesame Street’s target audience of children under six makes “Superfoods” a hopeful attempt. The movement is aimed at low-income families; however the positive message will certainly be beneficial for all young children regardless of their economic status. A friendly looking broccoli might just be the trick for getting little ones to be excited about trying new green things.

Considering the rampant childhood obesity epidemic that our country currently faces, we are a fan of more education like the Superfoods Muppets. Healthy eating can always use more cheerleaders, even if it's from talking items of food!

Do you think these new characters are will effectively address the nutritional issues we are currently facing?