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Nutrition News: Hot topics around the web

October 14, 2011

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Can't keep up with the latest nutrition news? You don't have to! We'll do it for you! We've collected the highlights from around the web in one place.

Good, bad or neutral, we have the stand-out stories consolidated with their short intros!

U.S. touts fruit and vegetables while subsidizing animals that become meat
The Washington Post
On Myplate, the federal food diagram published in June to show Americans a healthful diet, half of the plate contains fruits and vegetables, while roughly a third is made up of grains and about a fifth is reserved for “protein”: meat, eggs, beans and nuts. A separate, smaller circle is designated “dairy.” The food plate looks healthful enough, but federal incentives to farmers reflect an entirely different agenda. Read more.

General Mills Says It Can't Cut Any More Sugar From Its Cereals, Because Kids Will Hate Them
Business Insider
If General Mills takes too much sugar out, then the cereals will be too bland and kids won't like them, argues the company. Plus, the cereal has to float in milk for a few minutes, and that's harder to pull off with less sugar. Read more.

Where Folks Live Plays Role in Health Disparities: Study
US News & World Report
White and black Americans who live in poor neighborhoods struggle with many of the same health disparities, which suggests that where a person lives plays a larger role in health disparities than previously believed, according to a new study. Read more.

A Legal Loophole For Raw Milk Lovers: Call It 'Pet Food'
Food fresh from the farm is undeniably appealing. Raw milk enthusiasts take it one step further: They like their milk fresh from the cow — skipping pasteurization.
But it's illegal to sell raw milk in stores in most U.S. states, and fans have been known to go to great lengths to buy dairy in its purest form. Read more.

Foodmakers Win Scaled Back Marketing U.S. Guidelines for Kids’ Snack Foods
U.S. regulators, facing resistance from companies including Nestle SA (NESN), the world’s biggest food company, and Kellogg Co. (K), scaled back proposed guidelines that may have limited advertising to children for food with added sugars, salt and saturated fat. Read more.

Childhood obesity war a food fight?
As the nutritional guidelines for advertising food to children backed by first lady Michelle Obama have drawn mounting opposition from the food industry, White House officials and others in the administration have been irked to find one of their former colleagues — Anita Dunn — playing a key role in the pushback. Read more.

Processed food has its place; just choose wisely
The Journal Gazette
The dietary zeitgeist favors foods that are “whole” and “local” over those that are “processed” and “packaged.” But omitting processed, packaged foods can make it hard to meet your body’s dietary needs. And although not all processed foods are of equal quality, the best of them can deliver lots of nutrition without doing you any harm. Read more.

What are your thoughts on these news worthy stories?

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