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Strawberry Paleo Ice Cream

May 6, 2014

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Wow it’s been forever since I’ve posted a recipe. Sorry about that, guys! Thank God for the ladies of Recipe Swap 2k14 for incentivizing me to do so! This month we were tasked with creating a spring recipe which made for endless possibilities.

Making Paleo ice cream was actually my husband’s idea. He eats an 80% paleo diet so I’m constantly pushed to be creative in the kitchen which ends up benefitting both of us. I am dairy-free so the idea of making an ice cream that I could eat made my mouth literally water. It had to be done.

I don’t have an ice cream maker or any fancy machines. This recipe is pretty darn easy and guys it tastes. Like. Ice Cream. It’s super refreshing, sweet, and pretty to eat.

Besides tasting amazing, there are a few health benefits (healthy ice cream? oh yes). I used raw local honey as a sweetener which helps combat allergies this time of year. Strawberries (or any berries) are a great, low-sugar fruit that helps clean out your winter gut in the spring.

Strawberry Paleo Ice Cream

Strawberry Syrup Ingredients

  • 2 cups fresh strawberries, halved and hulled
  • 1 tblspn raw honey
  • 1 tblspn balsamic vinegar
  • 3 tblspns water

Ice Cream Base Ingredients

  • 2 cans coconut milk
  • 1/2 cup raw honey
  • 1 tspn pure vanilla extract


  1. Make strawberry syrup by placing all syrup ingredients in a sauce pan
  2. Heat on medium, stirring often, until strawberries start to break apart (about 8 minutes)
  3. Remove from heat and place in the fridge to cool while you make the ice cream
  4. In a large bowl, mix coconut milk, vanilla, and honey until smooth (I ended up using my Vitamix because it was quick and easy)
  5. Mix in strawberry syrup until smooth and pink (so pretty!)
  6. Cover bowl and let stand in the freezer (without touching it) for at least 3 hours before serving
  7. Serve with berries and mint or basil
  8. Enjoy!

Julia Dzafic is the founder of Lemon Stripes, a fashion blog and online boutique where she writes about her adventures in style, healthy cooking, and life as a married young woman in New York City. You can connect with Julia on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.