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3 Habits to Boost Your Body Image

August 2, 2011

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“I’ve got a perfect body ‘cause my eyelashes catch my sweat.” – Regina Spektor

No matter what your shape or size, gender or age, most (if not all) of us have experienced the nagging doubts of body insecurity. Little imperfections can cloud our heads, and we can forget to love ourselves.

What many people don't realize is that no one is born with self-confidence - it is practiced.

One fantastic way to practice self-confidence is to eat right and exercise. A healthy body will certainly make you feel more energetic and radiant, but what else can you do to remember to love yourself?

1. Compliment one of your features everyday. Whether it's your beautiful smile, long eyelashes, shapely calves, or that cute freckle - take a minute to find something that you love about you. You'll find yourself smiling and spending less time focusing on your least favorite features.

2. Be aware of your body's motion. During your workout, walking down the street, or even just stretching - pay attention to how your body moves. Feel the strength in your legs, the swing in your arms, and the stability in your core. When you focus on what an amazing instrument your body is, it's hard not to love and appreciate it.

3. Look around. Every single person on the planet has a unique body, which means that there is no ideal. Furthermore, what is considered "attractive" can vary wildly from person to person. You are beautiful, so surround yourself with people who think you are, too. Their confidence in you is sure to rub off. 

What do you love most about you?