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9 Natural Ways to Relieve Stomach Bloating

December 27, 2013

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We had just about finished dinner when my friend announced to the table, “I totally have a food baby!”  “What did you just say?” we asked in unison. “A food baby, you know, I’m super bloated. Can’t you see my stomach?”

Bloating happens to the best of us, whether it’s from overeating this holiday season or due to a condition like PMS, irritable bowel syndrome, or lactose intolerance and food sensitivities. Even stress and anxiety can bring on the bloat, especially if your nerves cause you to eat quickly or swallow large amounts of air.

Do you already avoid certain foods because they cause your belly to balloon? Carbonated drinks, spicy and fried foods, and eating high quantities of fiber-full vegetables like beans and broccoli may make you extra gassy. And many low-carb and sugar-free foods that contain additives like sorbitol may equally cause embarrassing symptoms.

That’s because bloating and its special after-effects of flatulence and belching are actually caused by a build-up of gas in your stomach and gastrointestinal tract. Say goodbye to gas and get your belly back with these natural remedies.   

Nibble on fennel seeds. Rich in magnesium, these tiny, yellowish seeds taste a lot like licorice, but they’ve been found to work wonders for stomach bloating and even for preventing gas.

Pick up some parsley. Whether it’s curly or flat leafed, minced or dried, parsley is a natural help for digestive woes. This green garnish has anti-inflammatory properties and may also decrease retained water in your belly.

Arm yourself with asparagus. This potassium-rich vegetable contains the amino acid asparagine which may work like a diuretic to flush out your system. It’s also a prebiotic food, or one that creates probiotics that accelerate healthy digestive activity in your gut.

Sip chamomile tea, a proven natural tummy tamer. Drinking two cups of the relaxing brew a day may break up bloating and gas pains within 24 hours, say researchers at Stanford University.

Sprinkle cinnamon, a natural digestive aid, onto your next meal to beat the bloat. Or mix a teaspoon of the sweet spice into a glass of water to soothe your stomach if you’ve overeaten.    

Try peppermint oil. Take it orally (diluted in water or in capsule form), especially if you’re experiencing bloating-related pressure and pain. The oil may relax tense muscles in your gastrointestinal tract to reduce spasms and hasten digestion. 

Drink cranberry juice or cranberry extract for your puffy belly since it aids your body in flushing out fluid. These tart berries are also high in antioxidants and vitamin C. Stick to concentrated cranberry juice instead of cranberry cocktail, which is often watered down or mixed with other fruit juices and even sugar.  

Munch on melon and tropical fruits, such as cantaloupe, papaya and mango to trigger the release of superfluous amounts of sodium in your system. Eat these potassium-rich and nutrient-dense fruits more regularly to keep bloating at bay.

Do you have a natural remedy for bloating that works surprisingly well for you?