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A Gluten-Free Passover Menu

March 22, 2013

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The Passover celebration begins this Monday, and for those of you that are celebrating, it’s likely that you’ll be cooking for a crowd at least once during the week to come.

Traditionally, Passover meals are very heavy and filling. For those of us who try to eat gluten-free or have celiac disease, it can be a downright difficult holiday to observe. Jewish tradition requires that you eat unleavened matzo for eight full days, yet most traditional matzo is made from wheat and water – a recipe that can result in indigestion, inflammation, and discomfort for many gluten-free eaters.

This year, we’ve put together a lighter, gluten-free Passover menu that allows you and your guests to enjoy all of your favorites like matzo ball soup or kugel without over doing it – and without upsetting any food allergies or intolerances.

Gluten-Free Passover Menu

Gluten Free Matzo

Carrot Scallion Latkes

Matzo Ball Soup

Escarole Salad with Clementines from Spain and Pomegranates

Gefilte Fish

Braised Brisket

Sweet Spaghetti Squash Kugel with Apples and Raisins

Honey Cake

What do you have on your Passover menu this year?

* Photo courtesy Elana's Pantry