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Bride Guide, Part 2: Getting Ready for Your Walk Down The Aisle

June 1, 2012

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For many of us, the summer means wedding season, and IIN is here to help! Whether you’re planning your own big day or generously pitching in for a friend, our Bride Guide is stocked with tips to make the most of that walk down the aisle. Check out the first installment, and learn how to green your wedding!

Looking for a holistic way to get in shape, plan your trip down the aisle, or feed your guests? Look no further with our guide to Getting Ready for Your Walk Down The Aisle!

Health Coach Sarah Jenks: Sarah, Class of 2010, founder of The Breathtaking Bride, helps brides-to-be look and feel beautiful and powerful. (Check out her Instant Makeover!)

Health Coach Katie Schleppe: Katie, Class of 2012, helps brides and grooms prep for their stroll down the aisle and make positive changes that are sustainable for a lifetime.

Designer Winifred Bean: If you’ve got great taste but a limited budget, Winifred’s elegant, customizable dresses might just be the perfect pick.

Health Coach Erin Paluso: Erin, Class of 2012, offers a 90-day VIP program for engaged couples. Her work helps brides and grooms find balance in an exciting (and sometimes stressful!) time.

Health Coaches Yvette Onofre and Nick Oddo: Yvette, Class of 2010, typically pairs with brides while Nick, Class of 2008, works with grooms; together, Nick and Yvette guide couples to establish healthy, loving, lifelong partnerships—and stay Zen through their wedding day!

Health Coach Sarah C. Greenwell: Sarah, Class of 2012, helps brides with menu planning, and offers a private cooking class for the bridal party.

Makeup Artist Rebecca Casciano: Rebecca, Class of 2011, provides holistic wellness coaching and glowing, natural looks for both brides and their wedding parties. You can see her bridal packages here!

Health Coach Crystal Connor: Crystal, Class of 2010, offers spa treatments and fitness programs, along with health and wellness counseling, for engaged couples.

Health Coach Christy LeMire: Christy, Class of 2012, not only coaches brides-to-be, but can give them a healthy start on the day of their wedding!

How will you (or did you) prepare for the big day? Let us know in the comments below.