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Diet Soda Sales are on the Decline

December 10, 2013
ABC News Radio

 Americans seem to be losing their taste for soda and diet soda as soft drink makers announced that diet soda sales are in decline, according to newly released Wells Fargo research. In fact, this research claims, sales of zero- and low-calorie soda fell nearly 7 percent over the past twelve months. Compare this to the decline in full-calorie soda sales, where the decline has been kinder, at just over 2 percent.

There may be many reasons at play behind this finding, including brand management, advertising, and competitive non-soda options. But the question has been raised as to whether the several studies demonstrating the harmful associations with diet soda consumption may be contributing to the public’s awareness of the negative effects of diet soda.
In other words, is there a chance that these widely publicized studies are scaring people away from diet beverages?
Dr. Rachel Beller says her staffers have definitely changed their habits and attitudes.
"We used to drink regular and then say, you know, 'I'm drinking diet, it's fine,'" Beller tells ABC News. "But the reality is these days, where its now becoming a little bit of a confession in my office, I eat generally ok but I have to confess I drink diet soda."