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Can a Juice Cleanse Mend a Broken Heart?

February 2, 2014

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So you’ve just gone through a breakup. I know, the siren song of TV and a pint of ice cream beckons, but maybe it’s time to try a different way of mending your broken heart: a juice cleanse. It makes sense: you’re entering into a new chapter of your life, making it a fitting time to cleanse completely and start anew. If you take only good intentions into the process (that is, don’t do it to drop a few pounds because you think that’ll win your ex back), you may be surprise at how much better you feel, both physically and emotionally, after you’re done.

Here are some benefits of a cleanse that could help heal your heartbreak:

An open heart: Just as certain backbending yoga poses can have an emotional heart-opening effect, the physical process of a juice fast has been known to do the same. Whether it’s because many of the fruits and veggies used in the juices contain artery-clearing properties, or because the diet changes how energy is used in your body, the result is that your heart feels expansive, active, and energized. And regardless of whether you’re looking to find a new love right away, feeling more love is never a bad thing.

More energy: Your body is freed from digesting all of the processed junk that can sneak its way into diets, which results in an overall surge in natural energy. While coffee artificially forces the heart to beat faster and the brain to work overtime, the energy from a juice cleanse goes to every organ and muscle in your body. This means more energy to put toward relationships with friends, family, and coworkers, allowing you to take full advantage of the loving support network you always have, even when a romantic relationship ends.

Mental clarity: Just as juice cleanses get rid of unnecessary waste in your body, they can also purge your mind of lingering thoughts, unhelpful beliefs, and destructive attitudes. You’ll feel a renewed sense of awareness of your own thoughts, and the ceaseless (often negative) blather will turn down in volume—at least temporarily. A clear mind can do wonders for a broken heart.

More time: You’ll be amazed at how much time gets freed up when you don’t need to prepare meals. Plus, experts recommend reducing exercise when you’re on a juice cleanse, which means even more time. And all those times when everyone else is eating? Even more time! More importantly, more alone time, time when you can be introspective, process your heartbreak, and experience some inner discovery.

Heightened emotional sensitivity: Sure, after a breakup, emotions might be the last thing you want more of, but dealing with them directly at the beginning will spare you months of pain. As your body deals with the physical changes of the cleanse, many emotions will rise to the surface, emotions that are more easily suppressed when you’re eating normally. Experience these emotions as they arise, with your renewed mental clarity, and you’ll emerge from your cleanse with a heart and mind unbothered by the hardships of the past. 

Of course, juice cleanses are certainly not for everyone, and there are many other ways to survive a heartbreak. If you think a juice cleanse is the right approach for you, be sure to consult with your physician before you begin.

What surprising ways have you found to deal with difficult emotions? Share with us in the comments below!