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Simple Tips for Energizing Your Creative Spirit

May 20, 2013

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There are many more aspects to health and happiness than merely what’s on your plate. Wholesome food, fitness, and time with loved ones can certainly take you a long way, but true fulfillment comes from the full expression of one’s authentic self.

While some may discount creative endeavors as frivolous or wasteful activities, immersing yourself with focus, energy, and enjoyment towards something that you care about has many benefits to overall well-being.

Being fully present and mindful, as we tend to be during times of creativity, is an incredible stress-reliever. It also helps tap into the subconscious mind where our deepest desires are held, and creates a sense of personal success and accomplishment. That’s not to mention the added bonus of developing mental clarity and problem-solving skills that can be applied to other areas of life!

As we enter the season of growth, freedom, and expansion, this is the perfect time to liberate your mind with creative pursuits. Whether you already have a favorite activity, or you’re ever-open to new experiences, these five ideas will help energize your creative spirit:

Experiment with new hobbies.
Knitting, painting, photography, cooking, playing an instrument, learning a new language… the possibilities for experimentation are endless! Regardless of whether you “succeed” at a new hobby, the mere act of partaking in them has many rewards.

Start a dream journal.
Ever had a vivid dream that utterly fascinates you? The daily act of writing down the dreams you remember each morning will help you better understand your own subconscious mind and explore deeply-held beliefs about yourself and the world around you. It will also develop your sense of imagination and provide creative insight into your waking life.

Take a workshop in something you’re interested in.
You’re never too young or too old to learn something new, so what better way to acquire a new skill than by learning directly from those who have firsthand experience? There are a wide variety of workshops, training programs, schools, and courses in things that will ignite your passion. So if there’s an education opportunity in something that you’re interested in, don’t wait – go for it!

Become solution-oriented.
Taking that extra step beyond simply recognizing a problem to thinking creatively about developing a solution will enhance your life experiences. Relying on others to create rules and fix things for us creates limitations on our freedom and happiness. So the next time you’re unsatisfied with something, don’t just complain about it and walk away; take the initiative to propose a solution and implement it.

Ask your loved ones what your strengths are.
How we see ourselves and how others see us aren’t always parallel perceptions. You may unknowingly overlook a powerful talent and take your greatest strength for granted, so getting some honest feedback can help you bring attention to a part of you that’s ready to shine. If you’re ever uncertain about which direction to take, or what creative endeavors to pursue, ask the people who know you best to share what they think you’d be good at.

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What’s your favorite creative activity?