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How Spreading Germs to Your Kids Prevents Allergies

Most parents work to keep their little ones germ free – wiping their noses, washing their hands before they eat, and rinsing off the apple slice that fell on the floor. But might it actually be healthier to expose your kids to some dirt and germs? According to a new study in Sweden, yes.

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6 Foods for a Spring Liver Detox

Spring is an optimal time to refresh your energy and start something new. It’s also a great time to simplify your eating and choose foods that will support your overall health.


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7 of Our Favorite Things This March

Here at Integrative Nutrition, we love sharing our favorite healthy finds with each other – homemade recipes, favorite books, and new products from our amazing grads and guest speakers that we just stumbled upon. We’ve rounded up 7 of our favorite things this month. 


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How Bone Broth Can Help You Look Young and Feel Strong

Have you ever had your grandmother “prescribe” chicken soup to help you get over a cold? Some research shows that soups and stocks made from animal bones can have healing qualities. How do these elixirs help build strong bodies? Here are four ways:...

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