Hailey Miller
Hailey Miller is a contributing writer to Wellness Today. She loves running, cooking and baking, teaching spinning, writing on her blog On The Side of Nine to Five, and exploring NYC. She is enrolled in Integrative Nutrition's October 2013 Health Coach Training Program.

Articles by Hailey Miller

Commandments for Challenging Yourself

Challenging yourself gives you far more opportunities than threats, and the potential benefits outweigh whatever fear is holding you back. Stick to your next challenge with these tips!

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7 Habits of Highly Healthy People

Leading a more a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to mean dramatically overhauling your routine—it can easily be incorporated into your everyday life by taking small yet significant steps toward creating better habits.

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Best Sweet Potato Recipe: Fries Edition

My all-time favorite way to eat sweet potatoes is in fry form. Don’t worry though, there’s no need for a deep fryer here. I’ve healthified one of my favorite indulgences by baking them in heart-healthy coconut oil.

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