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57 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas for This Season

One of the season’s major stresses is coming up with the perfect gift for every person on your list. For thoughtful gifts that focus on health and wellness for every budget, look no further than Integrative Nutrition’s new 2012 Holiday Gift Guide....

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The Caffeine Controversy: Should You Ditch Your Coffee?

Lately there’s been tons of speculation about the benefits of caffeine consumption versus the risks. Last week the FDA released a report linking energy drinks, which contain high amounts of caffeine, with various health problems – sometimes even death....

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105 Healthy Recipes for Every Holiday Menu

The winter holiday season has arrived! These yearly festivities are a wonderful time to celebrate with family and friends. Do the tasty treats at holiday gatherings ever challenge your waistline or blood sugar level? You’re not alone!...

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35 Healthy Back to School Tips

Even for those of us who aren’t heading to class this September, the busy “back-to-school” rush is underway. Rather than get caught up in the seasonal frenzy, take some time to mindfully prepare with these healthy and helpful back to school tips.


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