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Why Expectant Mothers Should Eat Organic

April 26, 2011

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When a woman finds out she’s pregnant, she begins to examine her habits for the protection of her unborn child. Certain foods become off limits or greatly reduced and many of her routines, like exercise, are adjusted to compensate for the changes to her body and her growing baby.

Many women make the conscious decision to eat only organic food during their pregnancy. It turns out; this looks to be a smart decision for a healthy pregnancy and for the child’s intellectual development for years to come.

A recent report on NPR’s All Things Considered details three separate studies published in the Journal of Environmental Health Perspectives. The studies reveal that pesticides affect a child’s IQ while in the womb. Children of mothers, who tested positive for pesticides, were performing at a lower level by the time they reached school age.

While the report suggests washing fruits and vegetables, eating organic is definitely the best way to avoid pesticides in food. Do we need further evidence for removing all pesticides and chemicals from our food supply?