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5 Summer Scents That Will Boost Your Well-Being

July 1, 2014
Lindsay Holmes

With the Polar Vortex officially behind us (thank goodness), the time has finally come for the warmer, brighter weather we've been craving. And whether you're most excited for the beach trips or the delicious food, there's one thing that many summer favorites all share in common: Their aromas can benefit our well-being.

In case you need even more reasons to celebrate summer, take a look at some of the warm-weather scents below that do wonders for our emotional health. Then, as you indulge in the scents of the season, relish the fact that we're now swapping snow jackets and scarves for bathing suits and shorts -- after all, we've earned it.



We all have those long days where it feels like we have no energy by 3 p.m. -- but instead of indulging in that caffeine habit, maybe all we need is a little whiff of citrus. Not only do these summery fruits contain immunity-boosting vitamin C, their scents can revitalize you and ease fatigue.

Salt Water

beach shore

Not only is the scent and sound of the shore inarguably relaxing, the beach also provides some serious health benefits. The salt water can help decrease inflammation and the magnesium in the water helps maintain a healthy nervous system. The ocean also contains several anti-aging minerals.



The aroma of coconut is in everything from drinks to sunscreen come summertime. But the scent isn't just symbolic -- according to some aromatherapy experts, coconut can also have a positive influence on your mood.



For those who grew up in the south, nothing smells like summer quite like the fragrant aroma of a gardenia. Research shows that our olfactory response triggers clear memories and has a direct link to the emotional center of our brain -- and as Southern Living magazine points out, this bloom's scent can "settle like a memory on your soul."



That afternoon storm doesn't just refresh the atmosphere after a hot summer day -- its aroma is also one of the most appealing. Research shows humans relish the scent of the rain due to its natural association with the color green and the associated expectation of growth of food, Smithsonian magazine reported. In other words, we're biologically wired to feel fulfilled by its fragrance -- so we may as well enjoy those rainy summer days!

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