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5 Ways to Healthify Your Morning Routine

January 16, 2013

Morning is a very special time of day because it sets the pace for how the rest of the day will play out. If you wake up cranky, think negative thoughts, and neglect to nourish your mind and body before you walk out the door, you’ll likely find yourself having an afternoon and evening that is equally out of balance and unfulfilling.

If, however, you begin each day by appreciating the opportunity for a new beginning and nurturing yourself in a few simple ways, you’ll quickly find that your mood, energy, and overall health are greatly improved no matter what challenges the day brings.  

Even if you’d prefer to forego morning rituals in exhange for a little extra shut-eye, most of the following practices can be accomplished in 5 minutes or less and provide immeasurable results for your long-term health and happiness.

Here are 5 ways to healthify your mornings:

1. Drink lemon water. The simple combination of warm water with fresh lemon can boost your immune system, alkalize and kickstart your digestion, improve skin health, and hydrate you. Just make sure to drink the lemon water after you brush your teeth because the citric acid could wear down your tooth enamel if followed by brushing.

2. Stretch. Starting the day with some light stretching or yoga will help keep your body strong, nimble, and energized throughout the day. If you’re not sure how to begin stretching, try some basic sun salutations.

3. Meditate. Whether you have 10, 5, or even 3 minutes to spare in the morning, meditation is a wonderful way to establish a sense of inner peace before your active day begins. Simply sit comfortably, focus on your breath, and gently brush away any thoughts. Daily meditation can lower stress, balance the hormones, and quiet the mind.

4. Make fresh juice. Enjoying mother nature’s bounty in a glass is an excellent way to nourish your body with vital nutrients after 8 hours of fasting. If you don’t favor a large filling breakfast first thing in the morning, juicing or making a smoothie is a great way to avoid the blood sugar crash of having no breakfast at all. Prepping your ingredients the night before will save you peeling and chopping time in the morning!

5. Journal. Writing about your personal thoughts can be a nice way to connect with your inner self in the morning, before you connect with others. If you don’t know how to begin, simply open open up a notebook, invite your mind to speak through your pen, and see what happens. You can explore your dreams or feelings, or write about what you’re grateful for.

What is an essential part of your morning ritual?