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A Healthier Approach to Eating

October 10, 2008

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Recent research suggests that the number of people on deprivation diets is going down and the number of people adding in more seasonal vegetables, nuts, berries and other nutritious foods is on the rise. Health professionals attribute this change to the failure of diets and the surge of the organic food movement.

People are now finding ways to enjoy their food whether it’s going to a farmers’ market, getting to know their grocer or cooking more. Get this. By making these changes people are able to successfully manage or lose weight and they are not starving themselves. More and more people are simply adding in more good ingredients, putting more time and energy into cooking and allowing themselves to eat what they crave. It sounds like a much more harmonious way to live as opposed to counting calories, fat and shunning yourself when you eat a piece of chocolate or a bowl of ice cream.

Food is here to nourish us. When you prepare a meal or eat one made by a loved one it has a different taste. You can almost taste the love and the energy that went into it, which makes it much more nutritious than any restaurant meal.

Have you recently prepared a meal for your family? Could you taste the difference?