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A Junk Food Fight: Should the Government Get Involved?

February 9, 2010

Federal legislation banning junk food from schools is soon to be introduced.  Will something as powerful as the federal government work to keep junk foods out of schools?  Or is the answer to childhood obesity a more traditional approach with parents teaching their kids good eating habits?  Parents want nutritious foods served, but removing vending machines and candy sales cuts into a major source of revenue for schools.  Are there more creative ways to raise money for sports uniforms and school trips?

When kids spend the majority of their day at school and are left to make their own choices about what to eat, many will choose a high sugar, high calorie option over one that is more nutritious.  Do we leave these choices up to the students or let the government make these choices for them? 

Read this article from the New York Times for more info.  Please comment and let your opinion be heard.