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Adjusting to Fall

October 17, 2008

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Many people find it hard to transition from summer to fall. Now that it’s getting darker earlier and the temperature is dropping you may be spending more time inside. Not getting enough sunlight leads some people feeling tired or depressed. Seasonal changes can also cause people’s immune systems to weaken making them sick. The good news is you can combat these cold-weather blues by adjusting your lifestyle and cooking style.

You may be scurrying around preparing for the holidays. While it’s nearly impossible to avoid parties, cooking for dozens or shopping for friends and family, you need to be conscious that you do not burn yourself out. Take time for yourself with a day of pampering or get support from your family. By slowing down and asking for help, you will be less likely to get sick. Be sure that you also get enough sunlight. Go for a hike or a bike ride and enjoy the beautiful fall foliage.   

You can also support your body by adjusting your cooking methods. Add more heat into your food by cooking it for longer. Try roasting or baking vegetables. Thicker soups, like pumpkin, pea or potato are another great way to warm up.

By making these small adjustments your health will thank you. What outdoor activities do you like to do during the fall? Do you have a favorite seasonal dish?