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Another Reason Why Removing Junk Food Will Help Your Kids Excel

February 10, 2011

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It’s not just health problems that are at stake in the fight against childhood obesity. British researchers released findings this week that eating a junk food diet throughout childhood can even affect IQ!

As seen in US News and World Report, of the 14,000 children tracked, those who consumed a diet of highly processed foods had lower IQs five years later compared to peers with healthier eating habits. Fatty, sugary and processed foods consumed during some of the most important growing stages resulted in individuals lagging behind mentally.

It is believed that diet makes the greatest impact during the first three years of life—a time when the brain is quickly growing and developing. The connection between a healthy diet and good nutrition for physical growth, is easily understood; and now it appears that it is just as important for mental ability as well.

It doesn’t really seem fair that young children (with little say in what kind of foods he or she is consuming) could be permanently set back in their cognitive abilities because of their diet. To give all kids the chance to reach their highest potential, they should be given the opportunity and encouragement to eat a healthful diet from early on.

Are you surprised by these findings?