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57 Quick and Easy Healthy Recipes

March 20, 2013

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Cooking is essential to a healthy diet and lifestyle, but the busy demands of day-to-day life can make it challenging to find the time to cook. Fortunately, preparing your own meals from scratch doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. It is possible to prepare nutritious and tasty meals that your whole family will enjoy in thirty minutes or less!

We compiled a list of over fifty quick and healthy recipes, most from the kitchens of Integrative Nutrition students and graduates, for all of your daily meals and snacks. Categorized from five minutes to half an hour, there’s something for every dietary preference. Use these recipes to create a healthy meal plan for the week or bookmark the link as a reference when you find yourself crunched for time.

Five-Minute Healthy Recipes
Ten-Minute Healthy Recipes
Fifteen-Minute Healthy Recipes
Twenty-Minute Healthy Recipes
Thirty-Minute Healthy Recipes