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Asian-Style Lettuce Wraps

August 30, 2010

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Elly got rave reviews for her Asian-Style Lettuce Wraps in our "What's on your plate?" contest.  Simple and easy to prepare; a beautiful healthy dish!

Romaine lettuce leaves with a customizable selection of fillings including:

  • hulled barley seasoned with soy sauce, brown rice syrup and garlic chili oil
  • shredded raw beets, diakon radish and carrots
  • thinly sliced cucumbers, red peppers, mushrooms and purple cabbage
  • sliced raw turnips marinated in cider vinegar topped with a lime-ginger sauce and toasted sesame seeds
  • fresh tomatoes on the side

Elly Haddad is a certified holistic health coach and founder of Elemental Fit, a health coaching practice devoted to educating and equipping women to create balanced lives for themselves and their families. Through improving overall health, her clients find success in conquering cravings, developing healthy eating habits, weight-loss, stress reduction and more.