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9 Surprising Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

August 23, 2013

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Coconut oil has really taken off as the trendy new ingredient to use in the kitchen. It’s great for stir-frying, adding to a smoothie, or using on toast as a vegan replacement for butter. Did you know that cold-pressed virgin coconut oil has many secret uses in the beauty department, too? In fact, you may want to clear out your medicine cabinet and invest in a few jars of coconut oil instead!

Sugar Scrub

If you have dry or rough skin, just mix some granulated sugar into your coconut oil to make a great scrub! The sugar scrubs away the dead skin and the coconut oil helps to retain your skin’s moisture. You can also use salt in place of the sugar in this scrub.

Night Cream

Coconut oil is a great intensive moisturizer for your face at night, especially if you have dry skin. Before you use it on your entire face, test out a small area. For some people, coconut oil is too oily for their skin and could clog their pores. If this sounds like you, try a lighter oil at night like Olive Oil.

Body Moisturizer

This is a great trick, especially in the summer and winter months when your skin needs a lot of moisture. Just put a small amount of coconut oil in your palm and rub into your body. Like any moisturizer, it’s best to do this right when you get out of the shower so the oil has time to sink into your skin before you get dressed for the day.


Is your hair dry and brittle by the end of summer? Massage a small amount of coconut oil into your roots and scalp before you take a shower while your hair is still dry.  Let it sit for a few minutes, and follow up with your normal hair routine in the shower.


While coconut oil doesn’t necessarily freshen your breath or remove plaque build-up from your teeth, it does immensely benefit your gum health. Put about half a tablespoon of the oil in your mouth first thing in the morning and swish it around for about 10 minutes. This process, called “oil pulling,” pulls toxins out of your gums and has been known to keep your pearly whites from yellowing.

Make Up Remover

Instead of investing in an expensive make up remover, just dab some coconut oil onto a cotton swap and gently rub it on your eyelid. The oil will remove your make up and moisturize the skin around your eyes!

Body Butter

For a silky, deep moisturizing lotion, mix your coconut oil with shea butter and use it has a body moisturizer. This is really great for your feet if they are dry and chapped from summer weather. Just lather them up, throw on some socks and call it a night.

Shaving Cream

Keep a jar of coconut oil in the shower if you are looking for a shaving cream that will protect your skin while you shave. The coconut oil helps reduce razor burn and leaves your skin soft and moisturized when you are done shaving.

Secure Fly-Aways

If your hair gets frizzy in dry weather, keep a little bit of coconut oil in a travel container in your purse. Just rub a very small amount between your fingertips and smooth down fly-aways. The oil keeps your hair looking shiny and sleek!

What do you use coconut oil for?