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Food to Make You (Even More) Beautiful

April 21, 2014
Holli Thompson

“I can spot your clients from across the room.”

“What do you mean?” I asked

“They glow, there’s something about them, they’re gorgeous. I can spot the girls that are working with you. There she is, she’s a Holli client.”

This sweet gentleman proceeded to list the ladies that I had been working with. I looked around. I’d been watching their transformation in my office over time but here it was. Wow.

You know that look, after you’ve done a cleanse, or gone to a spa, or really lived your Nutritional Style® for a month or more? It shows.

Here’s the cool part; science backs up his observation. The University of St. Andrews in Scotland conducted a study on attractiveness and fruit and vegetable consumption last year.

“We found that within a six-week period, fluctuation in fruit and vegetable consumption was associated with skin-color changes,” said lead researcher Ross Whitehead, from the School of Psychology at St. Andrews.

Not only did skin look healthier at the end of the study period, it was judged more attractive as well, he said.

“Eat more fruits and veggies to improve your appearance,” he added.

Whitehead’s group looked at the fruits and vegetables thirty-five people ate over a six-week period. They found that skin tone skin increased as more fruits and vegetables were consumed.

This is due to the impact of carotenoids, Whitehead said. “These are red/yellow plant pigments, which are distributed to the skin surface when we eat fruits and veggies,” he said.

“Our study suggests that an increase in fruit and veggie consumption of around three portions over a six-week period is sufficient to convey perceptible improvements in the apparent healthiness and attractiveness of facial skin,” Whitehead said.

So there you have it. If you won’t eat your veggies for your health, do it for gorgeous skin and increased attractiveness. In just a few weeks, you too could see the results.

Here are my easy tips to boost your beauty this week:

1) Grab a green smoothie or two.  A profusion of greens will immediately show as GLOW. That was the secret of my ladies at that cocktail party, wink, wink. All you need is a blender, and 3-5 days.

2) Take advantage of local, spring  produce. In season now; tender baby greens like arugula, kale, dandelion, and watercress. Grab those baby springtime carrots and radishes, and try beets in all different colors.  Make a salad, roast some veggies, or eat ‘em raw.

3) Short on time? Order fresh pressed juice and have it sent to you. There’s no shame in not making your own. Here’s my friend, Max’s, Pressed Juice Directory. All organic, all the time.

Inspire us below with YOUR story about improving your looks with veggies!

Holli Thompson is a certified Holistic Health Coach, and Natural Health Professional. She also attended the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC to become a Raw Food Chef. Holli has appeared on many major media outlets including ABC’s Let’s Talk Live, CBS, USA Today and More Magazine. Learn more about Holli on her website and blog