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The Vegan Guide to Leather Alternatives

April 10, 2014

If you're already vegan or simply trying to eliminate the use of animal products in your life, this excerpted guide from the Vegetarian Resource Group will be very useful for you. Here is a sampling of items you'll find listed in the full guide:

Online Resources

iPad or Laptop Cases: English Retreads offers sleeves for your ipad or laptop (13- or 15-inch) made from recycled and reclaimed materials. 

Tool Belt: Nailers Inc. offers a non-leather tool belt made from Dupont Cordura. 

Motorcycle Gloves: If you ride a motorcycle and want to purchase vegan gloves, Aerostich offers two types of vegan gloves on their website.

Weightlifting Gloves: If you're into weightlifting and are searching for vegan gloves, visit New Grip's website and you'll find gloves made from neoprene.

Ballet Slippers: Cynthia King Dance Studio sells vegan ballet slippers for both children and adults in three colors: black, peach/pink, and pastel pink. 

Mountain Climbing Shoes: Evolve Sports & Designs offers several non-leather climbing shoes for adults and children. Visit their website, navigate to climbing shoes, and then carefully read the specs for each shoe to find a pair without leather or other animal product. You can also call their California location at (714) 522-5556.

Brick & Mortar Stores

Visit these vegan shops in person. They sell leather alternatives to shoes, belts, bags, and more!

Alternative Outfitters Showroom in Pasadena, CA; limited hours; call (626) 396-4972 for appointment.

Boulder for Men in Clarksville, MD; or call (443) 535-9449.

Ethique Nouveau in Minneapolis, MN; or call (612) 822-6161.

Herbivore Clothing in Portland, OR; or call (503) 281-8638.

Karmavore in New Westminster, BC, Canada; or call (604) 527-4212.

MooShoes in New York City, NY; or call (866) 598-3426.

Nice Shoes in Vancouver, BC, Canada; visit or call (604) 558-3000.

Oly Vegan in Olympia, OR; visit h ttp: I or call (360) 500-0900.

Pangea in Rockville, MD; store open on weekends; visit or call (301) 816-9300.

Sudo Shoes in Cambridge, MA; visit or call (617) 354-1771.

Vegan Haven in Seattle, WA; www.veganhaven.orgor call (206) 523-9060.

Viva La Vegan Grocery in Rancho Cucamonga, CA; or call (909) 942-4495.

VShoen in Victoria, BC, Canada; visit or call (250) 590-7463.

Do you have a good resource for vegan leather alternatives near you? Tell us in the comments!