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Christina Applegate Goes Macrobiotic

August 22, 2008

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Star of Samantha Who? and the old sitcom Married with Children, Christina Applegate, was outraged and panicked when she found out she had breast cancer. The 36-year old actress and Emmy nominee decided to take control of the situation. While undergoing treatment, she changed her diet and lifestyle.She called around to get support and learn how to live a macrobiotic lifestyle just like material girl, Madonna.

Macrobiotics literally means “great life,” and is known to treat and prevent illness. The philosophy is based on eating natural, whole foods and balancing yin and yang in the body. Those who adapt this sort of lifestyle are encouraged to comprise their diet of grains, vegetables, beans, soups, sea vegetables and fish in moderation. They are also encouraged to limit consumption of dairy, meat, eggs, refined sugar products and foods that are not grown locally.

After adapting a macrobiotic lifestyle and seeking treatment, Applegate says she is “absolutely 100 percent clear and clean.” Sometimes it takes a life-threatening illness to reevaluate how one lives their life. Why wait? What if you were to start eating a healthier diet today? Try it one meal at a time and see how you feel.