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Don’t be Fooled, Corn Sugar is Just Another Name for HFCS

September 15, 2010

Walk down the aisle of your basic supermarket, randomly pick up an item on the shelf and check the ingredients.  Is High Fructose Corn Syrup on the list?  Nine times out of ten it probably is.  HFCS is in everything from bread to ketchup and cereal to spaghetti sauce. 

Since the rate of obesity has increased in this country, researchers and scientists are looking where to place the blame.  HFCS is definitely on the list of usual suspects.  It’s high-caloric density and presence in the majority of processed foods makes it the leading culprit.  It’s received such negative press lately that the Corn Refiners Association wants to change the name to Corn Sugar.  They are spending millions in marketing and advertising to revamp their image. 

Be an informed consumer.  Don’t be fooled by flashy marketing and name changes.  The bottom line:  keep reading labels and consume less sugar overall. 

Have you seen the corn industry’s ads?  What do you think about this name-changing tactic? 

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