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Employee Gets a Fat Paycheck from McDonalds

November 1, 2010

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Should a restaurant be held liable when an employee of the establishment gains an unhealthy amount of weigh due to on-the-job duties? Apparently a Brazilian court thinks so.

A McDonald’s employee in Sao Paulo, Brazil recently won a lawsuit against the fast food giant for $17,500. The employee’s allegation? He gained 65 pounds while working for them for 12 years. He is now considered obese. Obesity, as you know, is a growing health issue in America. 

The obesity epidemic is spreading beyond the borders of America. Many public health advocates place partial blame for rising rates of obesity on the high fat and calorie food served at McDonalds; an international chain. With reality television shows, documentary films, and the nation’s First Lady taking on the “obesity issue,” it’s a highly publicized health problem.  You can find many blog posts tagged obesity here on our Integrative Nutrition blog, for example. 

Is this employee taking advantage of the negative press and headlines that obesity has received over the last few years?  How much weight should be put on personal responsibility versus the effects of the environment when considering one’s own health?

To read more about the fat payout this McDonalds employee received see this Huffington Post article.