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Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

March 28, 2011

At 310lbs with a gut the size of a beach ball, Joe Cross did something amazing. He loaded up his car with a generator, a juicer, and a camera and set off on a journey to find himself – and save his life in the process. 

He traded in his junk food and spent the next 60 days and 3,000 miles drinking only fresh fruit juice and vegetable juice in an attempt to regain balance in his life and get off the medications for good.

The documentary film, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead follows his journey across America where he talks to over 500 Americans about food, health and longevity. Along the way Joe meets Phil Staples, a 429 lb truck driver who suffers from the same rare autoimmune disease Joe is fighting. Phil is inspired by Joe’s story and begins his own journey to health and happiness.

If you want to be inspired by this unconventional story of hope, wellness, friendship, and our ability to change, join us April 1st, 2011 for the New York City premier at the Quad Cinema. For ticket information, screening dates, videos, and more, check out the official movie site here. Additional screenings are being shown across the country, so check the website to see if it’s coming to a town near you!