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4 Outdoor Workouts to Try This Spring

April 22, 2014

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Among the wonderful things about spring, one of my favorites is taking advantage of the warm weather by exercising outdoors. Long gone are the treadmill-filled days inside a hot, crowded gym. It’s time to lace up your shoes and take it outside!

Going for a run is my standby outdoor workout. Running is a great choice, because you can do it anytime and almost anywhere, but it’s not exactly exciting. This spring, I plan on mixing things up a bit by adding a few fun, new outdoor workouts to my routine! Here are four I’m excited to add to the rotation. 

  1. Hiking I’m lucky enough to call the Pacific Northwest home, so I don’t have to go far to find a hike with a breathtaking view. My goal this spring is to try out as many hikes as I can—the more hills, the better! If you live in an area with lots of opportunities to hike, take full advantage of it! You’ll benefit from the exertion of the workout, as well as the fresh air. If you live in a city, you can still get in on the hiking fun. One of my favorite activities when I lived in New York City was “Urban Hiking.” You just put on your sneakers, pick a neighborhood, and go! If you look online, you can even find some urban hiking routes that other people have mapped out in your city, or you can just wing it! You might even find some cool new shops or parks along the way.
  2. Park Yoga This one sounds like the perfect Sunday morning activity. Pack up your yoga mat and head to a local park to stretch and do your favorite yoga routine while you watch the world slowly start to wake up around you. There is nothing quite as peaceful as practicing yoga with nature, and it’s guaranteed to put you in a great mental place as you begin your day!
  3. Scavenger Hunt Why not make your next run a bit more interesting by adding in an element of competition? Gather up a group of friends, and give everyone a list of landmarks in your city to find. Every group or individual has to run to different locations and snap a smartphone pic when they arrive at each. The first group or person back to the starting point wins!
  4. Outdoor Interval Training Not having a gym full of weights and machines is the perfect motivation to get creative with your interval training routine. Head to a local school track or a park, and use your surroundings to amp up your workout. You could try pull-ups on sturdy tree branches, push ups on bleachers, or incline crunches on a hill. If you don’t feel the creative juices flowing, just bring your phone and do a Nike Training Club session outside!

How are you planning on taking advantage of the nice weather during your workouts this spring? Share your ideas in the comment section below!