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8 Reasons to Take a Zumba Class

September 30, 2013

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If you’ve heard of this Zumba thing but haven’t actually given it a try yet, you’re in for a treat! While other forms of fitness might be cathartic, spiritual, or effective at producing the results you’re looking for, Zumba is definitely the most fun.

Zumba is a dance fitness program that combines elements from Latin dances like salsa and mambo with hip-hop, soca, aerobic exercise, and even martial arts, all to the beat of fast-paced Latin dance music.

Whether you’re taking your first class and are completely confused about the steps, or you’re a seasoned pro, Zumba has a way of simply making you feel happy.

Here are 8 reasons to give Zumba a try, and keep coming back for more!

It’s really fun. Shaking your hips and moving your body every which way to upbeat music inspires a feeling of joy, youthfulness, and instant energy. Zumba doesn’t feel like a workout at all; it feels like a dance party!

It burns calories. With an ongoing fast pace, squats and lunges, and continuous aerobic movement, the average person burns between 500-1000 calories in a 1-hour class. This makes Zumba a great fitness option for anyone looking to shed a few extra pounds. Just make sure to hydrate before getting started.

You can laugh at yourself. Zumba classes often take place in dance studios where you’ll be facing a full-length mirror and able to see your dance moves in action. Seeing yourself trying to keep up with the steps is nothing short of hilarious (if you’re a newbie), adding the healthful benefits of laughter and smiling to your already exuberant workout.

It stretches your brain. Keeping up with the steps is easy once you get the hang of it, but learning the sequences and coordinating your body movements to match the instructor definitely take some mental stretching in the beginning.

It tightens and tones. Zumba will activate everything from your calves to your booty to your biceps and give you a full body workout to fine-tune all muscle groups.

Anyone can do it. While it may appear as though everyone in a Zumba class is young, experienced, and highly energetic, it can be done by people of all ages and requires no previous dance experience. The instructor will go at the suggested pace for the song, but there’s no pressure to conform your body to be like anyone else. Zumba merely asks that you try your best to follow the movements and not bump into someone who’s moving at a faster or slower pace than you.

It makes you feel sexy. There is a lot of booty-shakin’, hip-swirlin’ sensuality in Zumba, and it feels great to get in touch with that part of yourself and be reminded that you’re sexy and beautiful.

The instructors are awesome. There is something both hilarious and heroic about Zumba teachers. Hilarious because they really love to look at themselves in the mirror and you sometimes feel like they’re in a private world of self-love that you’re possibly interrupting; and heroic because they are your beacon of light and leadership in a seemingly random sequence of movements that you’re mirroring in a semi-hypnotized state of joyful delusion. They are also incredibly energetic, positive, and supportive.

Next time you’re off to the yoga studio or gym, consider checking out your local Zumba class instead. At the very least you’ll diversify your routine!

What do you love about Zumba?