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Closet Dieters

October 8, 2008

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Most people are on a diet or have been at some point in their lives. Even though almost everyone I’ve ever met has tried a diet or two, a recent poll found that 66 percent of dieters do it secretly. Isn’t this interesting?

According to the poll people do not want to tell their friends and family about their diet change because they worry they’re going to judge their new way of eating. They also claimed that when they announced they were on a diet they felt this sense of pressure to succeed. Why is there such a stigma around dieting and choosing a healthier lifestyle?

There are three categories of diet critics: “food pusher,” “enabler” and “food critic.” If you have a friend who is a food pusher she may know that you are on a diet and make you brownies, knowing that it will be hard for you to turn her down. The enabler is someone who you go out to celebrate with. She may invite you to a birthday party or out for drinks, knowing that you will be tempted by the sweets. The food critic will make a big deal over what you’re eating and make you feel self conscious. All of these people are not good to have around you when you are trying to change your way of eating which is why many dieters do it behind closed doors.

When you make the decision to eat healthier and exercise more it is easier to do it if you have support from friends and family. If you are changing your eating habits figure out who your support people are. By bringing those friends and family members into your healthy circle you may also encourage them to change their eating habits as well.