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The 64 Best Health and Fitness Apps of 2014

March 24, 2014

Your health is in your hands. Seriously, it’s right there — or it can be, in the form of flashy little apps downloaded to your smartphone. But with so many options to choose from, it can be tough to know which which apps actually enable results. So at a time when storage space is precious and your health even more so, we’ve hand-selected the TK best health and fitness apps designed to help you create a healthier you.

How did we choose them? We scoured every app market for standouts that were pushing the boundaries of health and fitness. We sought to cover an array of interests and goals. While we definitely took popularity into consideration, we placed most of our focus on these key criteria for each app:

  • Is it highly rated?
  • Does it offer something totally unique?
  • Is it user-friendly?
  • Is it reliable and not buggy?
  • Can it continue to grow and innovate?

Some of these apps have made it onto our yearly list in the past (they’re just that awesome!), and we’ve noted them in the list below. We took our research seriously, but if there are other apps we should consider for next year, let us know in the comments below!

The Best Health and Fitness Apps of 2014

Alright, let’s get downloading! Arranged by focus (and alphabetical order within each topic), here are the TK  best health and fitness apps of 2014:

Fitness and Strength

Cody (made the list last year)
What It Is: Why do it alone when you can be getting fit with friends? Cody offers users inside connections to a fitness community where they can share and discover workouts, complete with video, photo, and text instructions, by following new and old friends.
Why It's Cool: Users get their own cheering section! Friends can like and comment on each other’s workout activity (Seriously, what could be more motivational?). Cody also allows users to track their progress via a timeline packed with stats and highlights.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS.

What It Is: NFL star Tony Gonzalez has taken over the role of personal trainer. Multi-angled videos coach users through pe-loaded and customizable workouts that meet their fitness goals.
Why It’s Cool: Once you think you’ve gotten a handle on your workout, FitStar throws you for a loop by calculating your progress and making the next move in your routine an unexpected (and satisfying) challenge.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS.

Fitness Fast
What It Is: Fitness Fast gets into the nitty gritty of any workout-- both pre-loaded or personally customized--  by providing instructions for numerous exercises targeting key muscles. It also number-crunches optimal rep max, tracks sleep and body stats, and offers a community forum for crowd-sourced fitness info and social support.
Why It's Cool: Snap a photo, log it, and actually see the progress in specific areas (abs, arms, back, etc.). Detailed charts graph reps, sets, inches, weight, calories, BMI, and the affect sleep patterns have on workouts.
Cost: $0.99. Available for iOS.

Gain Fitness (made the list last year)
What It Is: This personal trainer app is stocked with more than 1,300 exercises, HD motion images, and step by step voice commands. Tell it your fitness goals, and it tells you what routines will help you accomplish those goals.
Why It's Cool: Only have a few pieces of equipment on hand? No worries. Just give the app an inventory of your equipment and it will generate countless routines geared toward your fitness level while tracking every set, rep, weight, and rest time so that you can gauge your gains.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS.

NIKE Training Club (made the list last year)
What It Is: This app features more than 100 full-body, 15-, 30-, and 45- minute workouts (complete with step-by-step audio,  visual, and video demos) from some of the world’s most inspirational female athletes, trainers, and celebrities.
Why It's Cool: Get lean, get toned, get strong: You choose! Tailored workout programs make this app uniquely functional, regardless of your fitness goals. Whether you’re opting for a 4-week program tailored to your goals and abilities or supplementing your regular workout sessions by tracking your runs with Nike+ Running, this app goes above and beyond basic instructions to measures your progress in number of workouts, minutes logged, and average calories burned.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS and Android

Pact (made the list last year)
What It Is: Formerly know as GymPact, this app still encourages users to put their money on the line and their butts in the gym (or to get moving in some way). Each week, users pledge a set number of days they’ll work out along with a set amount of cash. Users pay up for each day they miss, and get paid each time they bust out a workout.  
Why It's Cool: Instead of losing money, users typically wind up gaining fitness. The rebranded app now features a motion tracker, as well an option to connect with other tracking apps so users’ winnings don't all go towards a gym membership. Users can now enter into new nutritional pacts-- commit to eating healthy, or pay up.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS and Android.

Reps & Sets
What It Is: For those looking to calculate their gains with precision and no distractions, Reps & Sets is the app to turn to. Users can pre-program regular workouts or choose a pre-loaded one, set the timer, and then simply check off each set as they go. Users can log every detail from supersets and drop-sets to weights, the incline of the bench, and body measurements while their progress is tracked and graphed.
Why It's Cool: No one wants to be tinkering with their phone when in the rep zone, which is why this app keeps it simple. Swiping through interactive muscle diagrams and illustrated exercise guides before workouts, and detailed progress charts and spreadsheets after breaking sweat, can fine tune your routine.
Cost: $1.99. Available for iOS.

Runtastic Six-Pack Abs
What It Is: Packed with a variety of ab workouts, including a customized 10 Week Six Pack Plan, The 7-Minute Workout, Insanity, Shape Up, Six Pack Junkie, this HD-video-based app produces results and allows users to track and share their progress.
Why It's Cool: Choose your personal trainer avatar and get crunching, mountain climbing, or reverse curling. As your avatar breaks down each move, the muscles they’re targeting are illuminated, so you know where you’ll feel the burn. Whether you’re customizing a 5-minute workout or gearing up for the 30-minute insane ab routine, you can amp up the motivation with music packs that match the pace of each circuit.    Users can also sync workouts with Runtastic to create a full picture of overall fitness progress.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS and Android.

Tracking and Analytics

What It Is: Argus tracks everything-- and we mean everything-- 24/7. The app monitors every step, every stride, every cycle, every bite, every sip, every pound, every snore, and more. Constantly processing your daily routine, Argus produces detailed charts that can help you make sense of numerous bio-feedback data points to reach your health goals and improve overall wellbeing.
Why It's Cool: Argus is pretty much a health diary you don’t have to remind yourself to write in. It allows you to uncover important trends in your personal health habits that you didn’t even know were there. Not only is the interface sleek and intuitive, but Argus is easy on the battery (even for a 24/7 monitor).
Cost: Free. Available for iOS

What It Is: A judgmental weight tracker? Yes, that’s exactly what this app is. The simple-to-use tracker is moderated by CARROT, who doles out harsh (yet fair) criticism to motivate “meatbags” to lose weight .
Why It’s Cool: The app promises that “losing weight is going to suck so much less” thanks to hefty servings of motivational snark. Not everyone gets fired up by “rah, rah, rah” coaching, which is why CARROT’s threatening, ridiculing, and bribing may do the trick. Especially when she shares workout tips for every pound dropped.  
Cost: $1.99. Available for iOS

What It Is: A rewards-based app that turns your every fitness move into points that earn you rewards from retailers and services who value your healthy lifestyle.
Why It's Cool: You’re already logging your every fitness accomplishment, so why not get rewarded, right? No need to switch apps and lose your stat-packed fitness history; EveryMove easily connects with MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal, Nike apps, RunKeeper, Runtastic, Strava, and more.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS and Android. Coming soon for Windows Phone.

Fitocracy (made the list last year)
What It Is: It it’s true that “there’s power in numbers,” then this app is one of the most powerful-- especially when it comes to motivating its multitude of users via a community of dedicated fitness enthusiasts that are tracking their progress too.
Why It's Cool: Fitocracy not only introduces you to a world bustling with fitness coaches, nutrition experts, and other folks from a wide variety of fitness backgrounds; it also turns that world into a game in which you enter strength training, cardio, and nutrition challenges, gain points, and track your progress toward the ultimate goal: optimal health and fitness.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS and Android.

What It Is: A casual fitness app that encourages you to take on the “Daily30”, which is exactly what it sounds like: 30 minutes of physical activity, every day, whenever and in whatever way you want.
Why It’s Cool: Walk, run, skip, gallop, dance, jump rope-- as long as you’re being active for more than a minute at a time, no matter what you’re doing, Human tracks your movement and lets you know when you’ve achieved your Daily 30.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS

MapMyFitness (made the list last year)
What It Is: Fitness isn’t one of those things you can neatly fit, and keep, in a box-- which is where this GPS-based fitness tracking app comes in. The app allows users to explore and manage more than 600 fitness activities, meaning virtually anyone can tailor the app to their personal routines.
Why It's Cool: Whether you’re running, rock climbing, playing tennis, or swimming, MapMyFitness records every detail of your workout, including duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation, calories burned, and route traveled on an interactive map. The app compiles and crunches this data to create a comprehensive workout history.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Moves (made the list last year)
What It Is: Minute by minute, this pedometer-app calculates your calorie burn based on your mode of movement-- be it walking, running, or cycling.
Why It's Cool: Sometimes you just don’t want to deal with all the doohickeys. Moves gets right to the calorie-burning point by presenting your day as a simple storyline of steps, strides, and pedals. It serves as a straightforward reminder that little changes really can add up to huge progress.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS.

The Walk
What It Is: Turn a routine stroll into a thrilling adventure as this gamified pedometer tracks minutes walked and steps taken-- all while users participate in games in which they’re tasked with saving the world (by walking long distances, of course).
Why It’s Cool: Before you set out, choose an episode and follow the storyline to your destination. With each step tracked, more and more clues are revealed. Users can always elect to change the story, making it more intense depending on fitness level.
Cost: $2.99. Available for iOS and Android.

Intervals and Circuit Training

What It Is: Power through 20-minute, full-body workouts with this interval training app.
Why It's Cool: Only able to do 10 push-ups (on a good day)? No worries. Power20 will take note and customize a routine that meets your fitness abilities while still offering up a challenge. Each challenge includes a tip or two, which are displayed via illustrated videos and infographics.
Cost: $2.99. Available for iOS.

Seconds Pro
What It Is: This is the interval timer to beat all timers. Customize every detail of the timer to create simple, straightforward circuit workouts.
Why It's Cool: Not only do the customized, color-coded backgrounds behind each circuit’s timer keep you on your toes, but the app boasts iPod integration, which allows users to assign playlists or tracks to individual timer intervals (talk about a fun way to know it’s time to transition to the next exercise!).
Cost: $4.99. Available for iOS

SworkIt Pro
What It Is: Enter in the part of your body that you want to work and how long you want to work it, and this bodyweight, circuit training app will ‘sworkit’, if you will, by customizing a workout just for you-- complete with stretches, strength training, cardio, yoga, and timed breaks.
Why It's Cool: Aside from customizing users’ workouts, SworkIt comes with 12 pre-loaded routines for everyone, from surfer dudes to pregnant fitness fanatics. The Pro version offers advanced stat tracking and goal setting, and also syncs with MyFitness Pal.
Cost: $0.99. Available for iOS and Android

Tabata Trainer (made the list last year)
What It Is: This interval training app is based on the 4-minute Tabata method [].
Why It's Cool: Choose from pre-loaded workout routines or customize your own by swiping through the updated exercise library for a seriously simple challenge. Thanks to the new Voice feedback on all exercises, your form will always be on point.
Cost: $1.99. Available for iOS.

Running and Cardio

Boston Marathon World Run
What It Is: Regardless of ability or location, this app allows runners to get involved in the 2014 Boston Marathon.
Why It's Cool: Runners can pledge a distance, share photos, and interact with current Boston Marathon elite athletes while receiving digital incentives like a printable bib number, finisher’s certificate, and Facebook medal. Best of all, this app allows users to donate to One Fund Boston.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS and Android.

Nike+ Running (made the list last year)
What It Is: Track distance, pace, time, and calories burned — then share those stats with friend. The app also now offers the guidance of a coach to motivate you to reach new goals.
Why It's Cool: The app comes equipped with training programs, coaching tips, and daily workouts to get you 5K, 10K, half-marathon, or marathon race-ready. It also sends a daily motivational reminder to lace up and hit the pavement.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS and Android.

What It Is: Track distance, pace, and calories burned while analyzing your personal behaviors so you can learn how to get the most out of a workout.
Why It's Cool: PUMATRAC gives an absurd amount of insight into each run. There’s even a feature than can let you know which days of the week you typically run your personal best, how weather can impact your personal calorie burn, and what tunes get your feet moving faster.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS

RunKeeper (made the list last year)
What It Is: This app puts all of your running stats (pace, distance, and time) at your fingertips in a bold format perfect for eyes “on the run.” It also organizes the data into neat charts so you can track your progress during your cooldown walk.
Why It's Cool: Not only does RunKeeper keep track of your running stats, but it also keeps track of the awe-inspiring sites along your running route by letting your share snapshots with friends. RunKeeper’s GPS can log walks, bike rides, hikes, and more.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS and Android

Runtastic Pro
What It Is: This live-tracking running app is equipped with uplifting song features that act as surprising motivation when you least expect it but need it most.
Why It's Cool: Story Running! The latest version of Runtastic Pro lets you choose an audio story from a variety of genres written specifically to motivate runners. When the tension builds, so does your speed.
Cost: $4.99. Available for iOS and Android

Spring/Spring Moves
What It Is: Founded in science, this music app operates on rhythm-based movement, pulling tracks for your personal playlist while tracking your run.
Why It's Cool: You get the GPS, the distance, time, and calorie tracking, but you also get a playlist customized just for you based on your running rhythm! No more worrying about picking the perfect songs. Plus, research confirms [] that listening to music can amp up our power and endurance during a workout.
Cost: Free Available for iOS

Zombies, Run! 2
What It Is: The story continues. The zombie apocalypse is still raging and this app is tracking your run, which just so happens to double as a mission to save the human race. The further and faster you go, the more supplies you collect in this game-based app.
Why It's Cool: The app has added 100-plus more missions, along with a Zombie Chase interval training program.
Cost: $3.99. Available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Triathlete Training

Cyclemeter GPS
What It Is: This training program app is equipped with GPS to map out routes, and a tracker to manage laps, intervals, and splits.
Why It's Cool: When you can’t exactly be hands on (two hands on the handlebars, folks!), this app takes care of it for you by allowing for start and stop activation via your earphone remote, and automatic stop detection that pauses your tracker.
Cost: $4.99. Available for iOS

What It Is: Perfect for runners, cyclists, hikers, walkers, and skiers who often find themselves on adventures, RoadID allows friends or family to track you while you’re out. They don’t need the app; they just need a web browser and your username to monitor your progress and safety.
Why It's Cool: This app lets you know you’re not alone on the road.Users can create a personalized lock screen that includes up to three “in case of emergency contacts” as well as important health information. If something happens, a friend or family member is alerted.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS

Strava Cycling
What It Is: Turn your training into a game with this cycling tracking app.
Why It's Cool: Connect with other cyclists and challenge them to rides that will push both of you further. Each time you set a personal record, you earn King or Queen of the Mountain honors. You can also check in on friends and send them support while they’re riding out their own goals.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS and Android

Weight Management

LoseIt! (made the list last year)
What It Is: LoseIt! is a calorie tracking app that sets a weight loss plan created just for you.  Plug in your goals, from pounds lost per week to overall wellness, and LoseIt! will customize a plan that fits your life.
Why It's Cool: Tracking is beyond easy with LoseIt!’s barcode scanner feature and vast food database. Plus, it makes weight management fun by allowing users to create head-to-head, team, and group-based challenges. LoseIt! also connects with a ton of other apps and devices.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS, Android, Kindle, and Nook.

MyFitnessPal (made the list last year)
What It Is: This popular calorie tracker boasts a food database overflowing with more than three million foods, with the added perk of a cardio and strength training tracker loaded with 350 exercises.
Why It's Cool: Users can enter their own recipes and calculate their nutritional contents, allowing them to keep tabs on nutrition info including calories, fat, protein, carbs, sugar, fiber, and cholesterol.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone

Noom Weight Loss Coach
What It Is: This personalized coaching app helps you form healthy habits through daily tasks, meal logging, and exercise tracking. Log meals and workouts while the integrated pedometer counts your steps all day.
Why It's Cool: Noom offers the encouragement and support you need to stay motivated, daily health and wellness articles sent your way, and healthy recipes. Color-coded logging teaches you which foods are really healthy (and which foods aren’t). The huge food database is loaded with nearly one million foods, including popular restaurants and local cuisines.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS and Android

Diet and Nutrition Apps

Allergy Food Translator
What It Is: Travelers with food allergies, rejoice! This translation app covers 62 food allergies translated by native language speakers for those trips abroad.
Why It's Cool: Just type in your  food allergies, click to translate, flash your waiter the screen, and s/he'll know which foods you need to stay away from. The translation contains specific, in-your-face, warning labels. Ah, to feel relaxed in a restaurant can be a vacation in itself.
Cost: $2.99. Available for iOS

Fitocracy Macros
What It Is: This super-simple macro and calorie counter is perfect for people tracking their macronutrients.
Why It’s Cool: With the right macros, the thinking goes, you can remain full all day, stay energetic, and build lean muscle. The app has a ton of updates in the works, such as fiber, water, and alcohol counting.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS and Android

Fooducate (made the list last year)
What It Is: Turns out a barcode can actually tell you a lot more about nutritional value than a food label can-- at least it will with this app, which can help you make healthier choices when grocery shopping.
Why It's Cool: Fooducate not only deciphers the quality of calories in a given food item, it also suggests similar yet healthier products and tracks your food intake and exercise.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS and Android.

What It Is: If only restaurant and takeout meals came with nutrition labels, right? Well, when you’ve got the HealthyOut app, they do! Just plug in your dietary restrictions and nutritional needs, and this app will find you something worth biting into at the restaurant of your choice.
Why It's Cool: Low Calorie, Low Carb, Low Fat, High Protein, Low Sodium, Heart Healthy? No problem. Vegetarian, Vegan, Lactose Intolerant, or Gluten Free? No problem. Eating Paleo, Atkins, South Beach, or Zone? No problem. Once you’ve chosen a dish, HealthyOut will suggest healthy modifications,and break down the calories into protein, carbs, and fats.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS and Android.

What It Is: A nutrition coaching app featuring a … wait for it … real live nutrition coach! ( First you have to join the Rise community via plans starting at as low as $15 a week.)
Why It's Cool: Craving a cheeseburger with extra bacon at 2am? Your coach will be there for you. Your needs are actually acknowledged, 24/7. The coach will set up a personalized plan and you’ll receive daily expertise, tips, and feedback-- perhaps the most important part when it comes to making progress.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS  

Seafood Watch
What It Is: Developed by Monterey Bay Aquarium, this app helps you make sustainable seafood choices quickly and easily —  whether you're eating at your favorite restaurant or shopping for dinner.
Why It's Cool: Found a local joint that sources and serves sustainably? Let your neighbors know by throwing it on the Project FishMap, a database of crowd-sourced, sea-friendly businesses. The app also helps you choose a catch based on "Best Choice," "Good Alternative," or "Avoid" rankings,and provides alternatives to seafood on the “Avoid” list.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS and Android

Shopwell (made the list last year)
What It Is: When you can’t have a personal nutritionist create your grocery shopping list, you can always have Shopwell do it. With a quick scan of a barcode, this app can determine which foods meet your dietary needs.
Why It's Cool: Shopwell personally scores each product just for you based on your age, gender, health goals, diet needs, and ingredient and nutrition preferences. Scores range from 0-100; the higher the number, the better the product is for you.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS

What It Is: With coffee in one hand and this app in the other, you’ll be on your way to better understanding how your caffeine consumption seeps into your sleep habits.
Why It’s Cool: After seven days of tracking all the caffeine you consume-- from chocolate, to coffee, to tea, to energy drinks-- your caffeine persona will be revealed. Track for 10 days, and UPcoffee will understand your body well enough to tell you when your day’s jolt will mellow and you’ll finally be able to get some shut eye.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS

What It Is: A fast and fun way to share your dining successes and failures when it comes to preparing food-allergy-friendly, gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan meals.
Why It's Cool: That dish may meet your dietary restriction, look good, and sound good-- but does it actually taste good? Take the word of others who have actually given it a bite-- and a thumbs up or a thumbs down.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS

Zipongo (made the list last year)
What It Is: This app is all about eating healthy on the cheap, which is why it alerts you to weekly in-store sale items and digital coupons and helps you build your shopping list around these savings.
Why It's Cool: Zipongo has its own database of GO foods -- food that qualify as healthy based on their analysis of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals -- complete with tips and recipes.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS and coming soon for Android.

Mind and Brain

What It Is: Oh, it’s only the world's largest collection of brain teasers, riddles, logic problems, mind puzzles, and optical illusions from
Why It's Cool: Braingle is packed with more than 15,000 brain teasers, and more are added daily. Customize your own favorites list and download the teasers so you can exercise your cognitive skills even when you’re offline.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS

Duo Lingo
What It Is: This popular language learning app teaches users how to read, write, listen, and speak a new language at their own pace-- when you want to, not when you have to.
Why It's Cool: Thirty-four hours on Duo Lingo equals a whole semester in college. The app hooks people by turning learning a language into a real brain game. Users lose lives when they get a question wrong and gain points with each right question, and the app tracks progress over time so nothing is lost.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS and Android.

Khan Academy (made the list last year,app was updated for this year)
What It Is: Free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere? Yes, please. The update version now features articles in addition to more than 4,200 videos.
Why It's Cool: Need a refresher in mathematics, chemistry, art history, or finance? Just pull out your phone. With every video you watch, you log credits that add up to some serious educational achievements.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS and Windows Phone.

What It Is: Everyone needs a little lift every now and then, which is where this app comes in. Acting as a personal life coach, Lift creates customized plans to help you meet your life goals.
Why It's Cool: Lift recently transitioned from a pure tracking app to goal support-- in other words, users are more connected than ever, with a community that’s looking to inspire you as much as they’re looking for you to inspire them.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS and Android

Zen and Wellbeing

Acupressure: Heal Yourself
What It Is: Release muscular tension and promote the circulation of blood (and, theoretically, the body's life force) with this app.
Why It's Cool: Trouble quitting smoking? Experiencing more headaches than usual? Feel like something’s backed up in your gut? Acupressure: Heal Yourself has you covered thanks to more than  90 points combinations tailored to specific issues.
Cost: $1.99. Available for iOS and Android

What It Is: Buddhify2 specializes in guided meditations for the busy young professional who thinks they don’t have a second to breathe, let alone count their breaths.
Why It's Cool: Quick but enlightening mediation sessions can be done while riding the subway, walking down crowded streets, or sitting at a cluttered desk. Buddhify2 also features a progress tracker that monitors mindfulness, concentration, and balance.  
Cost: $1.99. Available for iOS

What It Is: Calm offers a soothing, guided meditation app for whenever you need a break-- even just a short one-- from your day.
Why It's Cool: Whether you’re searching for focus, creativity, energy, confidence, or a little extra sleep, there are 50 guided meditations to choose from-- which you can sync with 16 soothing music tracks by meditation music master, Kip Mazuy. Plus, new content is added monthly.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS and Android

Daily Yoga
What It Is: This yoga coaching app gets you through the most stressful days with dynamic yoga sessions displayed in HD videos, explained via live voice guidance, and backed by soothing music.
Why It's Cool: The step-by-step guidance is perfect for beginners. With more than 45 yoga sessions and a library packed with more than 300 poses, users can track their way to zen-filled progress.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS and Android.

What It Is: If you’ve got 10 minutes, then you’ve got the time to hang out with Andy Puddicombe (full disclosure: a Greatist Expert!) and clear yourself some headspace via his 10-minute guided meditations.
Why It's Cool: The app offers specialized free meditations on stress, eating, and public transportation-- the very things that clutter so many of our minds on a daily basis. Just set yourself a reminder to check in every day and track your progress.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS and Android

What It Is: Anxious? This coaching app is designed with you in mind, as it works to help teens and young adults cope with anxiety.
Why It's Cool: It can help you change how you think about anxiety-- rather than trying to avoid the sources of your nerves, you can learn to face them. The app includes strategies for dealing with everyday anxiety, as well as specific tools to tackle Test Anxiety, Perfectionism, Social Anxiety, Performance Anxiety, Worry, Panic, and Conflict.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS and Android

Overall Health

What It Is: For women looking to take a more in-depth approach to their sexual health, this period, ovulation, and fertility tracker applies advanced proprietary algorithms to your cycle, helping you determine when you should (or shouldn’t) hit the sheets.
Why It's Cool: Detailed calendars, charts, and informative fertility tips offer a sex ed class in the palm of a hand, and allow users to pin down the best days to conceive or, depending on their goals, simply stick to kissing.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS and Android.

What It Is: This potentially life-saving database provides clear and simple step-by-step instructions for what to do in medical emergency situations-- from identifying problems to providing first aid to people and pets when the clock is ticking.
Why It's Cool: No matter the emergency, you’ll be able to handle it (at least until the professionals arrive). The app is stocked with more than 400 topics, interactive tools, and report generators.
Cost: $4.99. Available for iOS and Android.

Headache Diary
What It Is: Similar to a food diary but designed for headache sufferers, this app tracks every little detail (including triggers and remedies) when it comes to recurring headaches.
Why It's Cool: Headaches can actually be quite telling when it comes to your overall health. By keeping detailed notes of headache symptoms-- right down to the location, duration, and foods you snacked on before the headache flared-- you can help your doctor diagnose you more easily and begin treating you quickly.
Cost: Free. Available for Android

What It Is: This STD-clinic locator app allows users to find a test center near them, get results online, and  share test results with a partner.
Why It's Cool: The app locates clinics in the user’s area that meet individualized criteria, from sliding-scale payments to specialties such as women’s health and LGBTQ-friendly care.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS

Performance Stretching
What It Is: Improve athletic performance with this video-based app, which prepares the body for exercise with a variety of dynamic stretching routines and provides static and foam roller stretches for cool downs.
Why It's Cool: No matter your sport of choice, there’s a dynamic stretching routine in here for you: The app is loaded with more than 150 stretches to help prevent injuries.
Cost: $2.99. Available for iOS

Sleep Cycle (made the list last year)
What It Is: Say hello to the new way of waking up. This bio-alarm clock analyzes your sleep patterns and wakes you when you are in the lightest sleep phase.
Why It's Cool: Waking you in your lightest sleep phase (which this app accomplishes by utilizing a 30-minute alarm window that ends at your set alarm time and wakes you in your lightest sleep phase) allows you to start the day feeling relaxed and refreshed. Sleep Cycle also allows you to keep track of everyday factors that may be affecting your sleep patterns.
Cost: $0.99. Available for iOS.

Social Good and Innovation

What It Is: Up for a challenge? If so, set it in Budge, an app that allows you to challenge friends to any activity. Whoever loses makes a small donation to a worthy cause.
Why It's Cool: If you’re not sure which charity you want the winnings to go to, you can scroll through a range of them until you find the right one. Once you win, you can share an epic brag from the app via your social media profiles, drawing more attention to the cause.
Cost: Fee. Available on iOS

Charity Miles (made the list last year)
What It Is: For every mile you run, bike, or walk, a corporate sponsor matches your miles monetarily and donates to a charity on your behalf.
Why It's Cool: Users get to experience what it’d be like to be a sponsored athlete. Your hard work is paying to change the lives of people in need.
Cost: Free. Available for iOS and Android.

Check in for Good
What It Is: Sometimes the way to make a difference is to just… show up! With Check in for Good, you can pick a cause and visit a business supporting that cause. Once you “check in,” the business donates to the cause.
Why It's Cool: Not are users supporting worthy causes, but sometimes showing up comes with extra rewards-- such as exclusive offers from participating businesses when you check in.
Cost: Free. Available on iOS and Android

Donate a Photo
What It Is: They say a picture can be worth a thousand words. Well, a photo can be worth $1 that can make a priceless impact, thanks to this photo sharing app.
Why It's Cool: With each photo you snap and post, Johnson & Johnson donates $1 to a cause you want to help, such as getting kids vaccines, fresh water, or school books.
Cost: Free. Available on iOS and Android

I Can Go Without
What It Is: Think you can go without that latte today? Great! Just let your Personal Concierge know, and he’ll let you know what charity to spend the money on instead, then set up the transaction in seconds.
Why It's Cool: It’s a new movement: the micro-giving movement, which, in this app’s case, becomes something bigger than itself. Donations get pooled and amplified across social networks for greater effect.
Cost: Free. Available on iOS

One Today
What It Is: This charity app features one new charity each day to which users can donate one dollar.
Why It's Cool: It’s a small act (and a small amount of money) that can add up to big change. Users can track the difference they’ve made one dollar and one day at a time, and get friends to match their donations by sharing their philanthropy across social media accounts.
Cost: Free. Available on iOS and Android

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