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Why You Should Buy a New Yoga Mat Today

March 29, 2014
Rudy Mettia

Your yoga practice doesn't ask for much. For the most part, as long as you show up, your practice is happy. It doesn't matter if you're wearing ripped jean cutoffs from spring break 1983 or the latest yoga gear, your practice will receive you with open arms. But there's just one thing your yoga practice is begging you for this year, and I hope you'll indulge it. For the love of god, get a new yoga mat.

Last week, for the first time in god knows how long, I got a new mat. Why? Because the last one was rotten. I mean, it literally stunk. You know what I'm talking about. You're at a yoga class first thing in the morning, eyes still half shut, when you lower down into plank and get the wind knocked out of you. Not because it's a difficult pose, but because the stench of your mat is literally about to kill you. Talk about a dirty bomb. And it doesn't matter how much you clean your mat, or if you use one of those swanky yogitoe mat towel things, after a while, your mat needs to meet its maker.

But committing to a new mat isn't just about cleanliness. It's about committing to your practice. You know that feeling when you get a brand new pair of running shoes and all you want to do is hit the asphalt? Getting a new mat is the same thing. Not only does it have the proverbial new car smell, it's a small way to tell yourself, "I'm in this thing. I'm going to rock my yoga practice in 2014." Is the running shoe analogy not cutting it for some of my lady followers? Let me speak your language: Imagine it's Friday night and you've got a new pair of those six-inch killer heels all you gals are clamoring over these days. What are they called, Louboutins? When you've got those Louboutins in the closet, you're energized to go out, no matter how dead tired you are or how hard your day was.

Think about your new mat the same way: When your new mat is waiting for you, there's no way you're going to ditch your practice for a date with the couch. And the best part is that your yoga mat will never go out of style, and it won't hurt your feet the way I know those stilettos do.

So while you're at it, get a yoga mat case, too. I'm personally on the hunt for an Sioux Indian-inspired case with tassels to show just how much of a warrior I am. I'd double my practice just to use that bad boy if I could just find it!

In what small ways do you show yourself you're committed to your wellness? Share in the comments below!