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Good Health Isn’t Always in the Numbers

April 27, 2010

 Being thin doesn’t always equate with being healthy.  Living in a society that is hyper focused on media generated perceptions of beauty, can be counterintuitive to what being truly healthy really means.  Eating a balanced diet that is comprised of whole grains, a variety of proteins, vegetables (lots of green leafy ones), water and fruit is important.  However, it should be combined with regular physical activity, a connection with others through meaningful relationships, and a fulfilling career as main ingredients for a healthy body and life. 

There’s no doubt that obesity is a serious problem causing the increase of chronic health issues like diabetes and heart disease.  However, there is a difference between carrying a little extra weight and being obese.  A recent article in the Wall Street Journal states that researchers and doctors “are starting to understand that eating healthy foods and getting exercise can matter more than the number that appears when you step on the scale.”

How about using how you feel as the gauge for good health?  Your body is intelligent and wise, it can express when it needs rest, when it has eaten too much or too little or the wrong thing.  Do you listen when your body speaks to you?