The Buzz on Caffeine

Millions of Americans jump-start their days with a cup of coffee, and then drink another cup or two or three throughout the day. Starbucks stores and others have proliferated throughout the country and throughout the world....

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Healthy Diet + Exercise = Better Work

Which profile best fits you?

A) Wake up, exercise, eat a well-balanced breakfast, then head off to work.

B) Rush to work without breakfast, work until lunch, grab a slice of pizza and then back to work until it’s time to go home....

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What’s for Breakfast?

People always say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Americans love breakfast food, like eggs, bacon and home fries or pancakes topped with butter and whip cream. On the other hand, some people feel like they are too busy to eat breakfast....

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Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day! As we celebrate America’s freedom, take a moment to think about the freedom in your life? Are you doing what you want to be doing with your life?...

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Find Your Spiritual Path

We live in a busy world trying to fulfill our goals by working hard, playing hard and trying to be in multiple places at one time. Are you running around because there is something missing in your life?...

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Sexy Vegetarians

In the ‘70s, vegetarian and vegan ways of eating were considered a hippie phenomenon, something on the fringe. But times have changed and the stigma around vegetarianism has lifted....

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