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How Did You Sleep Last Night?

January 7, 2010

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Getting enough sleep is an important component for a healthy life.  Many people work too many hours, enjoy a “demanding” social life, and have lots of commitments with their families.  Worries, to do lists, arguments, and  forgotten tasks creep into their minds when it is time to wind down at the end of the day, keeping them from getting a restful nights sleep.  Getting enough sleep is essential for a healthy immune system.  It also helps to reduce stress, is necessary for the body to make repairs, and makes you more alert.  If you are are one of the many who are lacking enough rest, make a New Year’s resolution that will impact your whole life.  Get to bed! 

Some tips for getting a night of rest that will make you feel your best:

1.  Make your bedroom a place where you either sleep or have sex.  Don’t bring work to bed with you, stop checking your Blackberry, and turn off the TV!

2.  Reduce caffeine; have your higher caffeinated drinks earlier in the day and don’t have any 7-8 hours before bed.

3.  Give yourself a bedtime.  If you know what time you have to rise, set the clock 8 hours before that and give yourself no more than 30 minutes to get in bed.

4.  Take a hot shower or bath and use essential oils like lavender that help induce sleep.

5.  Figure out if exercise energizes you or makes you tired and decide when you should  incorporate your routine into your day.

6.  Try Dr. Andrew Weil’s breathing exercises.  Calming the mind to reduce the internal chatter will do amazing things for your bedtime routine.

How are you sleeping at night?  Do you have any tips for the chronic insomniacs?  Please share your comments.