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17 Simple Ways to Start Living a Healthy and Fulfilling Life

December 21, 2013

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Figuring out how to live your healthiest life can be difficult and at times even overwhelming. A quick Google search will reveal dozens if not hundreds of things that you should be doing to keep your mind and body healthy.

In reality, there are a handful of simple activities and small changes that you can start doing each day that will have you feeling and looking much healthier! Try adding a few (or all) of these activities into your daily routine; you’ll start to feel better almost immediately.

  1. Drink warm water with lemon: When you wake up in the morning before you have breakfast, take a minute to drink a glass of warm water with a squeeze of fresh lemon. This will gently wake up your digestive system and prevent stomach trouble throughout the day.
  2. Meditate: You don’t have to know how to sit in silence or hours on end to meditate. In fact, you don’t even have to sit in silence for 10 minutes! Just try to spend a few minutes each day, I like to do it right before going bed, sitting or lying in stillness, allowing your mind to regenerate and rejuvenate after a long day. It might even make you sleep better!
  3. Eat turmeric: Turmeric is an amazing source of vitamins and minerals and has been known to help with everything from skin care to digestion and weight control. Some people mix it into a glass of water to drink, but I usually just pop a spoonful right in my mouth and wash it down with water or green juice! 
  4. Use a raw honey face mask: If you are suffering from dry or acne prone skin, doing a raw honey face mask a couple of times a week will do wonders for your skin! Honey has strong antibacterial properties and will pull the dirt right out of your pores, leaving you with soft, moisturized skin.
  5. Listen to podcasts: If you’re feeling stuck in a rut and not quite sure what direction you want your life to go in, swap your usual playlist for an inspirational podcast on your commute to and from work. If I’m feeling unmotivated, Gabrielle Bernstein or Marie Forleo know just how to get my feeling inspired again!
  6. Drink green juice: Or a green smoothie! Just make sure you are getting that daily dose of greens. I try to start each day with a green smoothie. When you start your day on such a positive and healthy note, you are more likely to carry your healthy habits with you all day.
  7. Apple cider vinegar: If you feel a cold coming on, or you have a sinus infection, take a shot of apple cider vinegar. It’s not pleasant, but it does wonders to keeping the common and flu at bay!
  8. Sugar coconut oil scrub: One of my favorite natural beauty tricks is my coconut oil and sugar body scrub. Just mix one part oil to one part sugar, add in some essential oils if you would like to, then scrub it all over your body in the shower. In the winter months particularly, rinse the scrub off with warm water then rub the excess oil in to moisturize your skin.
  9. Oil pulling: Like turmeric, oil pulling dates back to the early days of holistic health. It helps to eliminate cravings, pulls toxins out of your gums, helps to control your weight, and even whitens your teeth! Just swish one tablespoon of coconut or sesame oil in your mouth for 15 minutes while you get ready in the morning.
  10. Drink water: This is an easy one. Remember to drink about half of your weight in ounces (so 65 ounces if you weigh 130 pounds) of water per day. You will feel and look much healthier if you are hydrated!
  11. Journal: If meditation is a giant leap that you aren’t quite ready to take, ease into it with a daily journaling practice. Spend just 10 minutes every day writing whatever comes to mind. It’s a great way to sort out your thoughts and realize what is truly important to you.
  12. Sleep: We’ve all heard this one before, and it’s true! Eight hours of sleep a night will do wonders for your health. Not only will your body be able to function properly with enough sleep, but your mind will, too.
  13. Eat ginger: This is another great way to fight off any kind of illness, and ginger also keeps your digestion in tiptop shape. Just grate a little into your green smoothie or even into a cup of hot water in the morning! 
  14. Set goals: And believe that you can and deserve to achieve them. I have my goals clearly displayed in my apartment to remind myself to work toward them each and every day. It’s helpful to write a quick list of smaller goals that you can reach along the way to obtaining your ultimate goal!
  15. Smile: It sounds obvious, but if you smile and act happy, you will be happy! Smiling and having a positive attitude is one of the easiest and most important things you can do for your health. Who knows, it might even rub off on your friends and co-workers!
  16. Take zinc supplements: I take a daily zinc supplement because it seems to heal just about anything! In the winter, it helps retain moisture in your skin and helps to prevent breakouts. It is also great for fighting off the cold or flu!
  17. Take the stairs: Getting at least a couple of hours of exercise per week is critical to being the healthiest person that you can be. This doesn’t mean you need to rush to the gym after work each day, although you can if you want to! Every little bit of exercise counts so take the stairs more often than the elevator, or get outside for a walk on your lunch break daily!

Do you have any quick and easy tricks to keeping your mind and body healthy?