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Join the Bake-In on March 18 at City Hall

March 10, 2010

Recently the New York City Department of Education passed Chancellor Regulation A-812 which prohibits the sale of home baked goods at fundraisers, but approves the sale of Doritos and Pop-Tarts.  The complete list of approved items can be found here.  How ironic that these highly processed, nutritionally void foods are somehow deemed safer than goods baked at home with whole ingredients and love.

NYC Green Schools is organizing a Bake-In rally to protest this new regulation on Thursday March 18th from 4-6pm on the steps of City Hall.   Detailed information about the bake-in regarding posters, banners, slogan ideas, etc. will be posted on their blog

If you are in New York City, please join the Bake-In and let your voices be heard.