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Hire Yourself for the New Year!

January 3, 2013

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I went to my website, and I clicked on the one-on-one session button. I paid good money, and then I scheduled an appointment on my own calendar. I’m going to speak to me tomorrow. I can’t wait.

I need help from someone who’ll tell it to me straight, someone who knows me inside and out, and understands all my weaknesses. Someone who gets my challenges, knows my past, and cheers on my passion for good food and cooking. I need someone to bring me back to center.  

You see, like you, I know what to do. 

I’ve read every nutrition book, and tried every diet known to woman. I’ve studied nutrition, and I coach and teach others for a living. But sometimes… sometimes we can’t find it within ourselves. Sometimes we doubt our inner wisdom, and imagine that we must not have felt that amazing..

We lose touch with what we know to be true.

Sometimes we doubt that food can be that powerful, and that one food group as delicious as all that can be quite so harmful over the long run….or even over one week.

But it’s true. You know it, I know it, and now’s the time to face it. 

I met a woman the other evening at a party who knew I was a health coach. She admitted to wanting to share her problem and get my free advice, and told me about a new set of aches and joint pain in her knees. Her children were concerned, and her husband thought she needed surgery, but tests showed that there was nothing wrong.

She asked me if I thought it could possibly be her food, was it something that she might be eating? I asked her about food intolerances and a few quick questions, and she admitted to having tested as gluten sensitive at a younger age. 

So you avoid gluten?

Well, no, she replied, I just got used to it. 


Sometimes we think our miraculous bodies are adapting with ease and grace. But in reality our bodies are over compensating for a food or food(s) that are creating inflammation. 

We ask a lot of our bodies in today’s world. We need them to cool down our stress, eliminate toxins from the air we breathe, and cleanse food additives, artificial colors and unnecessary hormones out of our vital organs.

Even if you eat a 99% organic diet, the occasional piece of holiday yule log or sugar cookies can creep in.  The salmon at that gorgeous new restaurant you’ve been dying to try was farmed, not wild. The wine your friends served on Sunday had pesticides, and milk at the coffee shop wasn’t organic this morning.

Even if you give it all, you still live in a toxic world. You still face stress and unforeseen circumstances. Sugar still creates the need for more sugar. Dairy makes you crave dairy. Eating bread means you need more bread.

So, why did I hire myself? 

My nutritional “rubber band” stretched as far as it would go. Coming out of a time of travel, work, stress, and the holidays, my rubber band was about to break. It wasn’t snapping back as quickly as it normally does. My energy was faltering. I needed to remind myself what works.

I know what works for me. And just like my neighbor at the party last week, I think you do too. 

You know what works for you, and you most likely know what doesn’t.

That’s what its all about. We’re all different and we all have our own nutritional style. Mine doesn’t include dairy or gluten very often, if at all. It makes me tired, and bloated. 

I hired me to point that all out again. To dig in and figure out where I’m falling down, and to remind me of the gorgeous, delicious foods that make me feel amazing. The foods that are a pleasure to eat, without belly aches or itchy skin. 

I hired me to encourage me and lift me up, and to laser in to help me figure out a way. A plan, a calendar and a to-do list.

The sooner you snap that rubber band back, the easier and better it will be. Maybe you can schedule time with yourself, and maybe you need help figuring this out. 

Whatever you do, listen carefully to your own story. Think back to when you were a kid, or a young adult, and the foods that may have bothered you then. 

Chances are they still do, you just don’t want to face it.

Be brave. Snap that rubber band, and find your own nutritional style. The year awaits you.

Holli Thompson, is the founder of Nutritional Style, certified health coach and natural health practitioner. She’s  been profiled in More Magazine, and featured in More’s “Reinvent Yourself” TV special. Holli appears on CBS, ABC and FX networks as a nutrition and food expert, and speaks to women’s groups and national organizations, including the American Heart Association.