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Locally Grown Food in Restaurants

September 22, 2008

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Check out this Slow Food Nation interview with one of the most highly regarded chefs in the United States, Dan Barber. In this video he talks about the beauty of eating locally grown foods and his newest favorite ingredient, sunflowers.

Barber was into buying locally produced ingredients and shopping at the Union Square Greenmarket long before many New York chefs even bothered. He was always bringing in produce from his family’s farm in the Berkshires to his restaurant Blue Hill in Manhattan. A few years ago, Barber opened Blue Hill Stone Barn on an 80-acre farm just outside the city. He uses the farm fresh vegetables and fruits in many of his recipes.

Barber loves to cook and especially with locally grown ingredients. Ironically, he encourages people to cook more in this video. He says it engages us with food on a level that we don’t when we are eating in a restaurant. When we eat out, we don’t necessarily know where the food came from or appreciate  the preparation of it.

It is true that we eat differently when we are feeding ourselves as opposed to when we are out and about. By buying and preparing our own food, we take the time to check in with what our body truly needs.

Try to visit a greenmarket this week and pick up ingredients for dinner. It’s a nice opportunity to go out into the community and meet farmers and your neighbors.