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Look Beyond the Cereal Bowl

February 20, 2009

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The verdict is in: Eating a good breakfast is important for overall health. It helps boost metabolism, fend off weight gain and gives you energy. The problem many Americans face is they’re bored of the everyday bowl of cereal or eggs and toast. Many people skip breakfast and wait for that bowl of brown rice with veggies or salad for lunch. But who says you can’t have brown rice or a salad for breakfast?

Are you bored with your morning routine? Many Americans would rather hold off on eating until lunch or even dinner because they don’t know what to eat for their morning meal.

In this New York Times article, food writer Mark Bittman offers creative ways to use whole grains for breakfast. He incorporates ingredients like black olives, quinoa, miso, dried tomatoes, sesame oil, bok choy, wheat berries and roasted carrots. That’s a real departure from the standard American breakfast! He even creates a polenta pizza with pancetta and spinach for breakfast.

If you think about it, grains have been the staple of many culture’s breakfast for centuries. Whether it’s a bowl of rice or hot porridges, these meals are fast and filling. These recipes will give you tons of ideas for adding beans and vegetables to your whole grain breakfast.

If time keeps you from cooking up some quinoa in the morning, you can absolutely make some at night with your dinner and save it for the morning. When you reheat it in the morning, just add a little water.

What do you like to eat for breakfast?

About the author

Joshua Rosenthal is the Founder and Director of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. He has worked in the nutrition field for more than 25 years, teaching at the school alongside health leaders including Andrew Weil, Deepak Chopra and Barry Sears. At Integrative Nutrition students are trained as Health Coaches, receiving the holistic nutrition education necessary for them go out into the world and help others improve their health and happiness.