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Natural and Safe Sunscreens for Summer

May 18, 2013

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One of the greatest joys of summer is spending time outdoors in the sun. As the best natural source of vitamin D, sunlight promotes bone health, supports the immune system, and boosts the mood. Yet too much sun can cause painful burns and potentially dangerous long-term skin damage, so it’s important to protect yourself with sunscreen, especially if you’re going to be outside during peak hours.

When shopping for sunscreen, choose wisely. Many sunscreens contain chemicals that are absorbed directly into the body and can be harmful. Mineral sunscreens, on the other hand, create a physical barrier to block UV rays and are regarded as quite safe. For more information about which sunscreen ingredients to look for and which to avoid, check out our Summer Wellness Tune Up guide.

The Environmental Working Group is a fantastic consumer resource that reviews thousands of sunscreen products for their safety and effectiveness. We rounded up a list of our favorite mineral sunscreens that all ranked the highest. Slather them on before you head out to enjoy some fun in the sun!

Loving Naturals Clear Body Sunscreen - SPF 30. This unique formula is clear and rubs in easily. Water resistant up to 40 minutes.

Badger Lightly Scented Lavender Sunscreen - SPF 30. Works for both face and body and has a mild natural lavender scent.

The Honest Company Sunscreen – SPF 30. Safe for the whole family, including babies under 6 months. Unscented and non-greasy formula.

TruKid Sunny Days – SPF 30. Light texture rubs in smoothly and has a pleasant scent. Contains soothing aloe and cucumber extract.

Coola Suncare Total Body – SPF 30. This antioxidant-rich formula has the added benefit of promoting skin cell regeneration and improving appearance.

California Baby Sunscreen Stick – SPF 30. This easy-to-use stick glides on smoothly and smells like lemongrass. Works for the whole family.

Burnout Ocean Tested Physical Sunscreen – SPF 30. Very water resistant – great for the beach or the pool. Enriched with aloe and antioxidants.

Lavanila The Healthy Sun Screen – SPF 30. Infused with green tea, shea butter, cucumber, and vanilla for a luxurious and hydrating experience.

You can also easily make your own sunscreen with this DIY recipe for Homemade Sunscreen Bars.

Want more natural skincare tips? Get our Summer Wellness Tune Up guide for holistic remedies for sunburns, bug bites, and poison ivy. It also contains recipes to freshen up your diet, workout tips for your body type, and lots of other fantastic wellness tips to embrace the season.

Do you have a favorite brand of mineral sunscreen?