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3 Things to Know About the Mind-Body Connection

August 19, 2013

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1. Food will determine your mood

  • What you eat and how you eat effect your body and your mind/emotional state
  • One person’s food is another person’s poison: depending on your individual constitution, your well-intentioned diet could be sapping your energy, compounding your stress, and damaging your relationships
  • A Holistic Health Coach can guide and support you in discovering your unique nutritional needs. This can have a profound impact on every area of your life.

2. Just as we have very individualized dietary needs, we also have very individualized fitness needs

  • Depending on your physical genetics, personality, and environment, certain forms of exercise can improve or exacerbate your psychological state.
  • For example, if your Ayurvedic dosha is pitta, you prone to irritability and anger, living in Phoenix Arizona, and working in a high-stress corporate environment, Bikram Yoga is the absolute worst thing you can do.
  • A Certified Yoga Therapist can address your fitness needs holistically and help access what will keep you fit and emotionally balanced.


3. The body remembers everything

  • A particularly terrifying fall from your bike in preschool, the boy who hurt your feelings in first grade, the fight with your mother in middle school… things that your mind may have tucked away are still living and breathing in the subconscious bodymind.
  • Any trauma, large or small, that we haven’t fully processed, can stay stuck in the bodymind and manifest as physical pain, depression, anxiety, or maladaptive behavior patterns.
  • If your low back always hurts for no reason, you can’t ever fully relax, and you keep making the same relationship mistake with boyfriend after boyfriend, you might need to release and reintegrate some unconscious emotional material. 
  • Yoga Therapy is a holistic, psychotherapeutic modality that can help you explore the mind-body-life connections that are holding you back from finding that (seemingly) elusive balance, happiness, and inner peace.