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A Gluten-Free and Vegan End of Summer Menu

September 1, 2013

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You’re having an end of summer dinner party, and inviting all your friends. Woohoo! You’re so excited as you start to plan the decorations and the menu in your head and then it hits you. Your best friend Sally is a vegetarian, Mike is a vegan, and two more guests are gluten-free!  As more and more people find out that they have food allergies or decide to adopt new ways of eating, it can be hard to come up with a dinner party menu that will please all your guests.

As a chef, I absolutely love to have my friends over for dinner, but often find myself in this situation. Coming up with new, healthy and allergy free recipes to serve them can be difficult, which is why I often find myself turning to some of my favorite bloggers for inspiration. I pulled together some of my favorite recipes to help inspire your summer dinner party!


Having something light to pass around while you finish up in the kitchen will keep guests entertained and keep them from starving!

Curry Toasted Almonds from Sprouted Kitchen

Sarah Britton’s Daikon Roll-ups on Design Sponge

Samosas with Sweet ‘n Spicy Chutney by My New Roots

Main Dish

Finding vegetarian and gluten free main dishes that are hearty enough to be a meat substitute can be difficult but far from impossible. One taste of these main dishes and you definitely won’t be missing meat.

Summer Vegetable Curry from 101 Cookbooks

Quinoa Vegetable Pilaf from A Suitcase Full of Mangoes

Vegan Jambalaya from Eat Live Run

Side Dish

Vegan side dishes are so much more than salad (although they, of course, can be salad.) Keep your guests coming for seconds with these delicious options!

Asparagus Basil Salad from Elana’s Pantry

Vegan Chicken Salad from Girl Makes Food

Walnut Crusted Tempeh by Oh Ladycakes


In my opinion, dessert is the most important course of the night! An ideal dessert is just slightly sweet. The perfect end to the evening.

Raw Vegan Mango Cheesecake from Cakeworthy

Coconut Macaroon Thumbprints with Raspberry Chia Seed Jam from Oh She Glows

Gluten-Free Almond Lace Cookies from Blackberries in Brooklyn

Do you have any go-to healthy dinner party recipes?