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The Best Green Smoothie Recipe, Personalized For You

April 5, 2014

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Green smoothies are one of the absolute best ways to get a dense amount of nutrients into your daily diet. With one quick spin of the blender you can easily start your morning out with a drink e that will keep you energized and feeling great all day.

The only hard part of smoothie-making is knowing what to add to the blender. From fruits and vegetables to seeds and nut butter, the possibilities are endless! Even if you limit it to just green smoothie recipes, you’re faced with hundreds of options!

Luckily, your body knows exactly what you need, so if you listen to exactly what it’s asking for, you can come up with a smoothie that is 100% satisfying, healthy and right for you at that moment.

To get in touch with what your body needs when it’s smoothie time, just answer these five questions, and you answers will tell you what your ideal smoothie looks like. Keep in mind, the smoothie you need today could be much different than the one you needed yesterday or will need three months from now, so it’s important to check in with your body regularly!

Is this smoothie a meal or a snack?

If you answered meal, especially if it’s breakfast, add an ingredient that has a bit more substance to bulk your smoothie up and keep you full longer. This could be something like a peeled and cored apple, half of an avocado, a spoonful of chia seeds or a scoop of Greek yogurt. You could also choose to use nut milk as the base, which is high in protein that will keep your hungry pangs at bay. If this recipe is a mid-morning or afternoon snack, keep it light by using coconut water as a base and loading up on the greens and frozen fruit.

Did you get enough sleep last night?

Are you feeling tired and groggy? Add a scoop raw cocoa powder to your blender. The natural caffeine will perk you right up for your 9 am meeting. If you’re trying to stay away from caffeine, try a tablespoon or two of maca powder. This superfood is known for its ability to increase energy levels, so it’ll have you feeling back to your normal self in no time!

What season is it?

The time of year that you’re consuming your smoothie can make all the difference when it comes to what you decide to put in it. While it’s hard to include seasonal fruit all year long, take advantage of the harvest in the summer months and add in some fresh or frozen berries, or even through in a peeled cucumber for extra vegetables! In the winter, give in to your body’s natural cravings for heavier foods by adding ¼ to ½ cup oats to your smoothie or a tablespoon or two of nut butter. 

Is your skin dull or your hair dry?

It’s truly amazing how a green smoothie can even benefit your outer appearance! If your hair is frizzy and full of split ends or if your nails are dry and brittle, add a tablespoon of spirulina to your smoothie. This blue-green algae will work feverishly to perk up your dull locks and strengthen your nails.  If your skins is dry, add a dollop of coconut oil or flax seed oil to your smoothie for a healthy hit of omega 3 fatty acids that will make your skin glow.

Do you feel like you’re coming down with a cold?

If you feel a bit of a bug coming on, or if you’re currently battling a cold, add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and a teaspoon or two of fresh ginger to your smoothie to help your body get healthy. The sharp flavor might also help clear our your sinuses!

As for which frozen fruit and greens you use, that is totally up to your personal preference. If you like a smoother smoothie, go with spinach instead of kale or Swiss chard. I like to add a mixture of both for some variety in texture, and I always use light colored frozen fruit like pineapples, mango, peaches or banana to keep my smoothie bright green and tropical-looking. If you don’t mind a slightly brown tinted green smoothie, use a handful of frozen berries instead!

Customizable Recipe for a Basic Green Smoothie

  • 1 cup frozen fruit, ice, or a mixture of both
  • ½ cup bulk ingredient like oats or avocado (optional)
  • 1 tbsp. superfood of your choice, like maca, flax oil, chia seeds, or spirulina (optional)
  • 2 cups greens of your choice
  • ½ to ¾ cup liquid of your choice (add more as needed to achieve the desired smoothie consistency.)

When you are making your smoothie, always add the heavy ingredients like ice, fruit, or non-leafy vegetables first. Next, add the superfood followed by the greens. Top it off with your liquid and blend away!

What is your go-to smoothie ingredient? Tell us in the comments!