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20 Happy and Healthy Gift Ideas for Dad (That He’ll Actually Like)

June 7, 2013

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Dads are amazing. They let you get away with making a mess when mom isn’t around, they know how to fix everything, and they can be used as a human jungle gym in the early years of childhood.

While it’s certainly a bonus that dads tend to be fairly easy to please, it also makes them far more challenging to shop for!

How do you show your love for the man who says he doesn’t need anything? This Father’s Day, we’ve got you covered.

Here are a variety of ways to give the dad(s) in your life the gift of health and happiness.

Create something awesome

Get Cookin’. Cook up a delicious meal made with fresh ingredients and a generous helping of vitamin L (love!). Look for recipes that incorporate his favorite foods to ensure he’ll appreciate this special feast.


Customize something dad would like with personal photos, inside jokes, or simply his name. Zazzle has a great collection of everything from mugs to iPhone cases that can be custom tailored in size and design to suit his needs.

Create a collection of happy memories in the form of a photo collage, photo book, or a card you designed yourself. Adding some kind words to express your love – and perhaps even a touch of humor - will make it even more worthy of being cherished for years to come.

 Gift an activity

Personal time. If you’re the spouse of a dad who has young children, consider giving him what he really wants, the gift of time! Give him one special day where he’s completely free of parental responsibility and can spend the day as he chooses.

Get Physical. Do something fun, active, and unusual with just the two of you, or as a family. Think of something you’ve never done before, such as playing paintball, hiking to a waterfall, or taking a tai chi class.


Organize an event where family members and friends gather together for a little friendly competition involving dad’s favorite sport or game. If that proves to be a challenge, get him tickets to attend his favorite sporting event instead!

 Tug at his heartstrings

Give to charity. For the dad who truly means it when he doesn’t want you to give him anything, give to others on his behalf. Choose the charity that resonates with something he’s passionate about and make a donation in his name.

Get together. Regardless of your proximity to dad, do your best to spend some quality time together, in person. For some this is a no-brainer, for others it may require some travel, but if you haven’t seen your dad in a while, this is what he wants above all else. If you can’t get out to see him, call, Skype, or Facetime to say I love you!

Be thoughtful. Take a moment to think, really think, about something that he’s wanted for a long time but hasn’t gotten yet. Try to get him some form of that if you can’t get the real thing. If he’s always wanted to travel to Italy, get him an airline gift certificate. If he wants a Lamborghini, get him a miniature model or a great photograph of one. The point isn’t that you’ll be able to acquire it for him, but that you remembered and made an effort.

 For the foodie

Refine his palette. Energize dad’s taste buds with a fantastic variety of sea salts from Spice Lab. Come to think of it, you might want to get one for yourself too because these salts are versatile, delicious, and might just make your plain ‘ol regular salt look boring.



Bring out his inner scientist. Anyone who appreciates the marriage of food and science, or simply creative culinary experimentation, will absolutely love this molecular gastronomy kit

Experiment with seasoning. Healthy and unique herb and spice blends from Integrative Nutrition graduate, chef, and dad Frank Giglio are a great way to add a delightful dose of flavor to any meal you’ve got cooking for dad, or he’s got cooking for you!

Live and Learn



Explore educational courses. No matter the age of the man you’re shopping for, he’s never too old to learn something new. Browse the extensive library of quality lecture series from The Great Courses and give dad the gift of knowledge on any topic he'd be interested in.

Give health and happiness with IIN. If holistic wellness is something dad is passionate about, then look no further than the gift of an Integrative Nutrition education. He’ll learn from top experts in nutrition, experience a supportive community of fellow students, and have the joy of sharing his health and happiness with others. Or give him the gift of his own Health Coach!

Enlightening web subscription. Help dad develop a taste for fitness and spiritual practice by gifting him a membership to He’ll gain access to countless videos that help to find both physical and mental balance, something everyone around him will benefit from.


Even more great gift ideas

Healthy skin. Create a gift box of organic men’s skin care products. While some men may not exactly rejoice at the idea of this gift, they might just confess to liking them better once they've given it a try.



Eco-friendly watch. Put a modern spin on the more conventional gift of a watch with this line of eco-friendly timepieces from Sprout. Made from sustainable materials such as bamboo, cork, and biodegradable corn resin, these watches are both fashionable and pollution-free.

The photo cube printer is a great gift for the dad who enjoys the feel of actual photos. This printer is compatible with iPhones and a wide range of other devices to make printing photos at home a breeze.

Consolidate the essentials. If dad is the sort to be a little forgetful of his iPhone or wallet, then get him an iPhone wallet case to keep them together at all times!

Books on-the-go. For the dad who loves to read but can never find the time to sit down and do it, consider the gift of a membership with With thousands of titles, often read by the authors themselves, Audible is a great way to enjoy books while driving, working out, or doing other activities.

What gifts would your dad love?