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5 Tips for Transitioning from Spring to Summer

May 28, 2012

There’s nothing quite like the energy and excitement of the seasonal transition from late spring to early summer. It’s a time to shed layers, turn our faces to the sun, and make time for both adventure and relaxation.

It’s also a special moment for inner transformation. Dense root vegetables and heavy cold-weather foods lose their appeal, as the earth begins to flourish with colorful fruits and veggies. These foods facilitate our natural detox mechanisms and help to keep our bodies cool during the warm summer months.

It’s as if Mother Nature, herself, is telling you to come out of hibernation, eat fresh foods, and be happy. You wouldn’t want to disappoint her would you?

Here are a few recommendations from Integrative Nutrition to help you ride the wave of seasonal change:

Eat organic, local foods: Eating with the seasons is an important concept in the IIN curriculum, and this is the easiest time of year to eat local, no matter where you live. Check out your local farmer’s market to find out what’s growing near you, or consider joining a CSA!

Hydrate & cleanse: Drinking plenty of water is even more important when your body starts to sweat. You can switch up your beverages with coconut water, smoothies, and fresh juice as well. The boost in hydration and nutrients will aid in expelling the stored up calories from winter.

Do something new: Embrace seasonal renewal by doing something you haven’t tried before. Maybe you want to develop a green thumb by starting an urban garden, accept an unexpected invitation from a new acquaintance, or even commit yourself to the career of your dreams. Follow your instincts and have no regrets!

Spend time outdoors: This is not the time for fluorescent lighting and indoor treadmills. You’ve gotta get out there and get your grounding on! Being in nature has profound effects on your health, and spending time outdoors will reinvigorate your mind and body.

Be present: Take time to enjoy life and have gratitude. This is the season for clean starts. So clear your mind of the past and the things you cannot change, and appreciate your abundance instead. Don’t forget to get plenty of primary food!

How do you feel during the spring/summer transition, and what are your plans for the months ahead?